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Fenn, the Telekinetic Illusionist

Creator: Fenn March 11, 2013 8:06am
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Mar 1st, 2013
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This is my first time posting an idea, so go easy, and i dont really know what to put as damage and mana at, so give me your opinions on what you think it should be.

Basic Attack: Telekinetic Bolt

Passive: Telekinetic Arc: every 5th attack Fenn pushes a giant arc of telekinetic energy out damaging multiple enemy units around him.

Ability (Q): Cryokinesis: Fenn forces molecular movement to slow down freezing an area, dealing ?/?/?/?/? damage and slowing target for 1.5 seconds

Ability (W): Pyrokinesis: forces increased molecular movement to cause combustion, dealing ?/?/?/?/? damage, and then burning the target for ? damage over 2 seconds

Ability (E): Invisibility: Fenn enters the mind of the opponenet making himself invisible to his enemies. Fenn's next attack does 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% more damage. Fenn also takes 40% more damage while invisible, and being hit will cause the illusion to break

Ability (R): Mass Levitation: Fenn picks up an area of enemies, holding then airborn for 1.5 seconds, before slamming them down for ?/?/? damage. while airborn, enemies take 25%/35%/50% more damage from all sources.

now i know that his ultimate may sound overpowered, but a large mana cost for everything, and an especially large one for the ultimate, and a large cool down would even him out to everyone else, so tell me what you guys think of him, and what maybe his mana and cooldowns should be
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Jan 8th, 2012
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His R sounds like a badass version of Nami's Aqua Prison. His E sounds counter-intuitive as it causes him potentially more harm than help. other than that, pretty average abilities. Not bad for a first try but still a little on the unoriginal side. :p
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Oct 27th, 2012
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I love the concept of a telekinetic champion.

I also had an idea for something like that:

Thelonius, the Telekinetic ****


Each spell cast will reduce all his cooldowns with 0.1, also increases all mana costs with 1
This effect stacks.
The buff cancels after 10 seconds of 0 casting.


Pushes the targeted enemy in the air, combining with his other spells may grant bonus effects.
Deals minor damage.


Pushes the targeted enemy away. This spell can be reactivated.
When reactivated, the targeted enemy will return to the spot where he was pushed away.
Deals fine damage.
When combined with "Jump", the range of the push back is increased.


Pushes the targeted area to the ground, dealing great damage and stunning the enemy for 1 second.
When combined with "Jump", the damage is increased.

The Individualist

When a nearby champion dies (whether it be an ally or an enemy), Thelonius gains a large amount of AP, this stacks.
The buff fades away over 30 seconds.

This is probably freaking op since he has 3 CC abilities, but hey, he is a ****, so why not :P
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Mar 1st, 2013
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Ya that is why i thought that maybe his invisibility was supposed to be use more as an stealth attack and not as an direct escape or anything. i just thought he would be cool and wanted to see what others would think

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