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Halcion, The Noxian Nightmare

Creator: JEFFY40HANDS July 2, 2011 10:47am
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Aug 10th, 2010
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Something not yet introduced or at least not in a way I would recommend is true stance changing. An ability off the Q/W/E/R. A toggle above the character ability bar that can be changed by clicking or hitting Shift and either Q or W.
Halcion will operate with 2 stances Paragon/Warlord or Defenseive/Offensive
For Paragon he wields a hammer and shield, for Warlord he wields a bow and becomes more of a ranged DPS.
Though you can change his stances there is a 10 second CD involved with changing stances. As well all of his offensive abilities share CDs with their defensive counter parts and vice versa.

Halcion's roles: Tank/DPS/Disabler/Stun/

Passive: Fall from Grace- Every 5th attack Halcion reduces enemy armor and magic resist (by some amount) for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times. Each stack reduces less and less. ((EXAMPLE: In 10 attacks the debuff is applied twice first stack reduces for 10 while the second reduces for an additional 7 meaning 17 flat reduction.

Shield Slam/Wing Clip(Q): Shield slam (active in defensive stance) Halcion makes a wide sweep with his shield knocking target enemy and slowing them for 2 seconds. Wing Clip (active in offensive stance) Halcion fires an arrow in a straight line (Skill shot), if the arrow hits an enemy champion they are slowed for 3 seconds. (Does affect creeps)

Courageous Shout/Explosive Flare: Courageous Shout (active in defensive stance) Halcion lets out a mighty battle cry raising his and his allies movement speed and attack damage. Flare (active in offensive stance) Halcion illuminates target area for 6 seconds. Enemies caught when Explosive Flare goes off take damage and have a 50% chance to miss their next auto attack. (Applies on hit effects)

Steel Bastion/Noxious Bolts: Steel Bastion (active in defensive stance) Halcion permenantly gains bonus armor and magic resist. Noxious Bolts (active in offensive stance) Halcion's auto attacks deal bonus magic damage over time. The poison stacks up to 5 times, once it reaches 5 stacks the target is slowed for 3 seconds the slowing effect cannot occur more than once every 7 seconds.

Intimidate/Gambit: Intimidate (active in defensive stance) Halcion charges to target location knocking up enemies in his path, once he reaches his target location Halcion slams his hammer into the ground slowing enemies within range. Gambit (active in offensive stance) Halcion channels for 2 seconds then fires a large volley of arrows at target location. Enemies caught in the attack are slowed and poisoned for a duration. This abilitiy applies stacks of Noxious Bolts. If Halcion uses this ability when his Fall From Grace is active target recieve max stacks of the debuff.

I'm leaning towards his offensive stance being based on primarily magic damage with AP coefs, however his abilities scale well with AD/AS builds too. For defensive stance Halcion really does not get much benefit from stacking AP so he does SOME damage but can do the main job of a tank. Soak up damage. I can get back on actual numbers if this concept takes off.

Perhaps make each set of abilities formulated into a seperate champion rather than smoosh them into one package.

Demetri, The Demacian Demi-god (Defensive Abilities incorperated into this champion):
Passive- Beacon of Hope: When a friendly champion is reduced below 35% HP and Demetri is nearby, that champion gains a short duration shield boosting their move speed ,armor ,and magic resist for a short time. If Demetri falls below 35% HP he generates an aura for 5 seconds reducing enemies chance to hit him by 35%.
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May 29th, 2011
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A toggle above the character ability bar that can be changed by clicking or hitting Shift and either Q or W.

Shift is the default hotkey for smart casting, and clicking the mana bar would be really inefficient. The only way I could see that mechanic working would be as a skill.

Also, I thought of the stance changing idea a while ago, but I realized something - He offers way too much to a team. Being able to have a lot of tankiness with no items in defensive stance means you can build straight damage, initiate with defense stance, then kill everyone with offensive stance. And if you don't gain any tankiness from defensive stance, what's the point of having 2 stances? You'll just build for one. Looking at your design, it reminds me of Vayne + Malphite, two amazing champions on their own, in one.

I'm a little confused about the ult. It's basically a more powerful Ashe volley with a 2 second channel? Compared to the defensive stance ult, that's pretty lackluster.

Also, the W in offensive stance is an AOE that applies on hit effects? That seems really OP.

^That's all a constructive criticism btw, don't take it too seriously (like I do whenever I get negativity =P)
Yay rambling posts!
Credit to jhoijhoi for this intense battle.
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Aug 10th, 2010
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The ult was a little undescriptive. Eseentially think of GPs mixed with Fiddles. Accept rather than be global (GPs) it's within a certain range of the champ and the channel might be something like 1.5 or 1 second, it makes it interuptable if caught but not as gibbable as a Katarina's ulti. Initially meant to be something useful to intiate or help you enter a fight as a DPS.

The W ability Flare, I think I was thinking "On Hit Effects" for a different ability and somehow typed that out @_@ lol.

The premise was to enable someone to flip flop roles for their team when needed. Not be some ridiculous monster who can Do massive DAMAGE and tank. (Like every other ****ing tank riot makes they need to L2 Make tanks not be DPSrs too it's ludicrus. Case in point Amumu can do solid damage with tantrum, despair ,and his ulti. A bit OP for a tank.) The scale factors for the defensive stance are supposed to be instagibbed I'm talking terrible to the point where some AP (like RoA on Singed) makes you have some damage but you can't build pure AP go defensive stance and rape face. While in offense you can scale rather well and be a nuke (AP) or a DPS with AD items. But in defensive stance you rely on your ulti to initate and some intermediate CD abilities to aid in CCing and focusing enemies.You're not a damage dealer in defensive stance you're simply a Disabler tank. Blitzcrank is an exapmle of a tank/DPS who provides way too much to one team and can be tanky while doing it.

However splitting these concepts into 2 seperate champions

Halcion, The Noxian Nightmare
(Offensive Stance abilities)

Demitri, The Demacian Demi-god
(Defensive Stance Abilities)

Might work better?

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