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Help With Jarvan vs AP Top

Creator: CrazyMBP April 7, 2012 6:58am
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Oct 13th, 2011
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Hey guys. I've been maining Jarvan top for a while now following Plazmuh's build on Solomid (its AWESOME), and been having a ton of success. Two champs have constantly given me trouble though - kennen and vladimir. He recommends a rune page of ArPen Marks, 2 Health Regen Quints, 1 MR Quint, Flat MR blues, 6 Health per level yellows, and 3 armor yellows. Anyway, I use lifesteal quints instead of health regen when i play J4, and i don't have health per elvel yellows.

I'm curious, do you tyhink a full MR rune page would work against vlad and kennen? I saw in the patch preview that these runes are getting nerfed, but do you think this will work against AP champs top lane? Thanks!
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Jan 9th, 2012
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It already work in top and, in a certain point, in midlane.

Against vlad, it surely helps a lot. Against kennen too, but kennen loves to harass with AA in early game, so don't expect to take no damage from him ^^.

But keep in mind that red and quint MR also shut down your damages, that's why I personnaly use some yellow+blue+one or 2 quint defensive (armor or mr) and the red and the other quints are AD, arpen or MR.
The full defensive runepages work great on champ who have heavy built-in dmg like olaf or scale poorly on AD/arpen/Mpen (shen).
And here you understand how big is the amount of IP a solo top has to farm to have a good choice of runepages ... Still farming MR quints :c

Then mr boots, sustain and HP and the toplane is yours

I saw the patch preview too, and it is said that the nerf wont be that huge, a full MR runepage would lose 4 ou 6 mr
English is not my native langage, I'm sorry about how painful to read my text are :c
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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Kennen and Vlad are gay laners, and since Jarvan isn't naturally good at top lane, I'd assume you'd have to play relatively more passive.

I don't play Jarvan a lot in top so I can't say about his laning capabilities.

Hexdrinker #1 ^ ^

Get an early Hexdrinker and you'll do better in lane

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