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Helpful advice for ANY summoner

Creator: DePyro March 5, 2013 2:59pm
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Oct 25th, 2011
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I have been a player of League since beta and I have to say out of all the things that changed over the years there is one thing that pretty much remains the same. You may still be wondering what I'm talking about and well here is what I am getting at:

Feeder/Noob: damn...
You/Me: Yo "champ abbrev" quit feeding
Feeder/Noob: then help!
You/Me: there are 5 of them mia and your pushing their tower
Feeder/Noob: your useless, just sit and watch me die
You/Me: your trash uninstall

I have seen this since day one in League and it will never change HOWEVER using some simple social tactics can help them get their head in the game and stop being doorknobs. First thing you need to do is just say non-aggressively what their mistake was. If done right you can avoid further feeding completely and even pull off a win. (Especially in ranked) Remember the madder you make the "Feeder/Noob" the worse they play. It is NEVER the opposite. I promise you that. If they accept your suggestions send them to a solo mid stream or something with the champ they play. I say all this because it's worse now with a bigger network of players. Now Riot doesn't want to ban every noob. Every noob has the potential to get better. Plus they may pay for skins. Also keep in mind that everyone has games they don't do to well in.

All this aside there is a good chance that the player will just be aggressive with you. AT THIS POINT the best you can possibly do is point out that you are on their side, are trying to help them, and that you wouldn't sabotage a game you're playing.

I post this in hopes that more people use this knowledge because most people who may be good and call themselves pro are noob at social interaction. Hell, if you actually take this post seriously, you may see more wins on your history.
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