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How to get the most damage out of Shen while...

Creator: Dracoaeon February 26, 2012 9:47pm
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Jan 3rd, 2012
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I was wondering, if you could build AS-AP items on Shen, stuff like Malady etc. to make his passive proc more often while giving him some AP for his abilities to scale off. I've been playing around with a similar build I use with on-hit Kayle, except I don't get Nashor's nor any AD only items, and instead opt for a Rylais/Warmogs/etc for health and more damage through my passive.

What would be the ideal (theory-wise) build to maximize Shen's DPS by using AS/AP/HP items? I also thought that Ionic spark might actually be somewhat viable on Shen now, seeing it gives AS, a bit of damage every few hits and it gives health to buff his passive a bit. Malady, Wit's End, maybe even Guinsoo's Rageblade?

So yeah just if some experienced theorycrafters could point to me what would be the most effective DPS build on Shen utilizing these kinds of items, I'd be happy. :D
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Jun 24th, 2011
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There's some recent discussion on him in here, I already explained how I like to build him at the moment and why in there. I'm too lazy to quote it. There might be a better way but I haven't seen one I like better yet.

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