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(I need a name) the Weapon Master

Creator: ESN Zombie March 26, 2013 6:26am
ESN Zombie
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Mar 26th, 2013
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I don't know what to name him but i'm going to call him Kyle for now.(friend who said i should make a champ idea) idea behind Kyle would be that he is skilled with an array of weaponry. He uses a sword, a kusarigama (what it is, and throwing knives as three different forms.

At level 1 he has all abilities (except R) but they are much weaker versions of them.

Q:(also need names for abilities) Activate to switch to sword form
Range 150
When activated while equipped Kyle jumps onto an enemy champion dealing damage and slowing them for a short duration. This is his move to chase down enemy's or just to poke them.

W: (Names still) would change to the kusarigama (Chain sickle thing)
Range 175
When activated he lifts it above his head and spins it knocking back all nearby enemy's around him and slowing them. His only cc prior to level 6

E: (Can you tell I suck with names?) would change his weapon to the throwing knife
Range 575
When activated Kyle has a skill shot throwing knife that does extra damage. A decent finisher but it would hit minions so it could also be a decent cs.

R: The darkness within(I got a name for it :D): Allows Kyle to tap into the dark energy he suprreses to change his abilities for a short duration(1 minute to long?)
Q: Slamming his sword into the ground dealing damage to all in front of him in a cone and knocking them up
W: sort of like blitzcranks rocket grab he throws his kusarigama and pulls an enemy champion towards him
E: throwing his knife is still a skill shot but know he aims for a vital spot, causing the enemy to bleed a percent of there max health over 5 seconds
R: Reactivating his ultimate would cause a large surge of energy around him dealing more damage the closer they are and ending his darkness power.

Depending on what weapon is out
Sword: increases armour and magic resist.
Kusarigama: Increases move speed by a percent. (Not sure with this one)
Knife: increases attack speed by a percent. (Should this one be move speed or none of them?)

Yeah I know it kinda sucks right now but i'm going to update it with any ideas you guys have as well as things i'm still working out like damage and stats so that hes not overpowered or a joke.
Also could i get some lore ideas? I'm going to have him not really relate as much to the things between the demacia, noxus, etc. stuff other than the fact that he wants to find out who killed his caretaker. He was a mercenary boy who was basically adopted by one of the kind mercenary's. One day the camp was raided while he was out collecting wood for fire with a few others. He started to use dark power so that he could become powerful enough to seek revenge but realized that he was losing sight of his goal and just became a power hungry machine. He joined the league because he believes whoever did it is there or will one day come to the league to find a challenge knowing this adversary must be strong.

Any help with the lore would help as well as the ability names and ideas if he should be pure ad or an ap/ad champ. I'm also working on an art idea for him in my art class at school so when i'm aloud to bring it home, because apparently it takes 3 weeks to grade high school-er drawings, ill take a picture and include a link.
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Apr 4th, 2013
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[Q] Way of the Warrior
[W] Way of the Reaper
[E] Way of the Cutler
[R] Finding the Way/Way of Darkness/Way of Rage

I find giving each one a shared theme makes it easier to come up with names. Your ult's name is good, I just gave suggestions in case.

Kyrie - key-ree-ae - (name I came up with) was once a child of a great weapons master in Ionia, but his father was assassinated along with his mother by a conniving competitor. His uncle, a traveling mercenary, just happened to be in town at the time of their murders. The two tracked down the wicked man behind the atrocity and killed him in a similar, if more painful, fashion. They never learned what organization took the contract, but left it as it was.
For years Kyrie traveled with his uncle across Runeterra helping him to perform whatever actions the highest bidding warlord wanted done. Their travel ended when they caught wind of the Noxian invasion of Ionia. Despite being mercenaries, the crew returned to their homeland to selflessly aid in the defense against the dreaded Noxian/Zaunite war machine. It was brutal for them all as their numbers fell no matter how many Noxians they seemed to kill. Kyrie caught with as much courage as possible, but he nearly broke at the site of the wicked Zaunite technomaturgy. As a huge flying blade came towards him, Kyrie thought he had met his end as he knew no way to block something like this. His shut his eyes and opened them again to see that his uncle had thrown himself between Kyrie and death. The young man shuddered as the last person he cared about fell to the ground with a blade as large as himself protruding from his body.
The terrible Zaunite machines surrounded him as he stood still, wanting to see what happened when all their favorite chemicals were applied to a subject all at once. Kryie's rage grew so that he feared his very soul would burn from anger. He exploded out in a scream as the dark energy secretly passed from his father's bloodline boiled over and nearly turned him into a monster. His blades passed seemingly effortlessly through metal, flesh, and bone until the entire platoon of Noxians and Zaun machines resembled a flaming junkyard. As he looked through his burning eyes across the lands, he knew what he must do. With every weapon strapped to his side or in his hand, he moved to annihilate the whole of the Noxian army and every single inventor in Zaun.

How's that for lore? too much?
Also, please check out mine and lemme know what you think.

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