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Improve your game! Jungle Simulator & Spell...

Creator: Aceofluck April 8, 2013 5:38pm
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Apr 8th, 2013
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Dear Summoners,

Let me introduce you to a mobile application I have been working on for a while now. This mobile application is meant to be the ultimate tool for the player. Two of the top features at the moment are:

A Jungle Simulator that has 44 working heroes and

A spell damage calculator that can accurately calculate the damage your spells would do versus an enemy hero of your choosing along with any items you may wish to give him. Therefor it takes your stats, items, runes and masteries along with the enemies total magic resist to give you the direct damage number your spell would deal in game.

Please note that the jungle simulator is in beta at the moment and I would really appreciate any bug reports, feedback or any comments you may have. Here is a current list of what it can do and how to use it with a video at the bottom, I suggest you take a few minutes to watch it and see it in action as well. More features to come in the near future.

What it can do:

You can run an entire jungle simulation to test new builds or paths to become the ultimate jungler.

You can also pick any items, any masteries, any runes along with any items for your enemy to accurately see how much damage your spells would deal against said enemy. Shows cooldown and mana information as well.

How to use:

Swiping left and right will switch to the various screens available*

By double tapping on the ? icon(left) you can select your desired champion, and the ? icon(right) is for the enemy champion

Double tapping any item box will take you to the item shop. Double tapping the picture of an item will instantly buy that item. Double tapping the box will take you to the item hierarchy.

Swipe to get to the masteries and rune page screens to fill accordingly

Next screen after rune page is the spell damage calculator, where you can see how much damage your spells would do against another champion. Changing level does so for both yourself and the enemy, level up your spells to see damage for different ranks.

The screen to the left of the champion and item select page is where you can access the Jungle simulator by double tapping the Jungle button.

When you are in the jungle everything works pretty much just like in game. Double tap the jungle minion icons when you are near them to start the fight.

Video on how to use:

Some things require double taps while others require just one tap. The simulator might lag if you spam spells too many times. It might bug out and load slowly for a sec or two and then run it multiple times. A good rule of thumb is to tap something once and if nothing happens than double tap it until you've been over the app and got used to it.

Download Links:




0 - Main Menu screen
1 - Champion and item selection + stat information (Start screen)
2 - More advanced stat information
3 - Offensive Masteries
4 - Defensive Masteries
5 - Utility Masteries
6 - Runes Page
7 - Spell damage calculator
8 - Item damage calculator

Feel free to help others find out about it by thumbs up-ing it on reddit:

Please go to for any questions, bug reports or feedback.
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Feb 1st, 2013
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Well done my friend!
I am going to install this on my smart phone right away to see how it is go :)
Saw the video and it looks really good
I will report for bugs if I'll see some :)

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