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Inspiried by Sacred 2: Urf, the Shadow Warrier,...

Creator: NicknameMy June 17, 2012 10:52am
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Apr 27th, 2011
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Sacred 2 Shadow Warrior:

Urf, the legendary manatee is back. But the way, he came back is a bad way. First, his body was stolen out of his grave on summoners rift by Noxus. They did with him the same thing they did with Urgot, they remade him and revived him. Now, back in life, he has new powers to deal with.

"Soraka: My lovely manatee, now he is a monster"

IP: 7800
RP: 1820

Urf, the Shadow Warrior has a very unique system. He can choose 3 ways to play, which he has to select before the game starts in the champ select. Depending on this, his base stats and his abilities are different.

The three ways are:
  • Ultimate Killer
  • Tactical support
  • Astral Lord

If Urf decides to go on the ultimate killer way, he gains more AS and AD, if he goes the tactical support way he gains more Mana and HP and if he goes the astral lord way, he gains more AP and mana regeneration.

Ultimate Killer Urf

Passive: Power of the magic spatula
Urf has a chance to strike double. This chance depends on his level.

Q: Power Strike
Urf strikes his enemy with such a force, that he deals double damage initialy and bonus damage over time depending on his bonus AD (note, the AD from choosing ultimate killer is base AD, no bonus AD). If he double strikes with that, only the first strike will proc power strike.

W: Water Jumb
Urf calls for the power of water, which fires him after a 0,5 seconds delay up into the air onto a target location within 800 range. Where he lands, he deals damage in an area (300) which scales with bonus AD and slows all tagets hit by a percentage amount.

E: Power Scream
Urf scream with a big force. After a 0,5 second delay, he gains bonus AD and AS. Enemies, which hear the scream (400 range) are also terrified and run away from him for a short amount of time.

R: Binding to the death
Urf calls for the powers of death, which shield him for 3 seconds from any damage and any CC except slows.

Tactical Support Urf

P: Water Power
Urf gives all of his team the healing power of water. Everyone of the team has increased health regen.
His spatula now throws out water, which makes him a ranged champ with 500 range.

Q: The 2 effects of Water Power
If Urf targets an ally, he doubles the HP regen of Water Power and increases it futher based on his HP. If he targets himself, he only gains the double HP regen of Water Power. If he targets an enemy, the enemy gets inflicted by Grievous Wound and a DoT based on Urf's HP.

W: The Manatee-Banner
Urf places a Manatee-Banner on the field (it has 1000 AoE), which increases the AD and AP on his team while decreasing the enemy AD and AP. Also, it increases the XP gained by his team champions in the AoE.

E: Urf's Watershield
Urf creates a shield of water on an ally or himself, which increases his Armor and MR and allows him to reflect a percentage of damage dealed by the enemies (reflected dmg will not hit you, true dmg can't be reflected). If the enemy hits the target with damage, after the first hit, he will get slowed, after 3 hits, he will get stunned. The stun only can apply once per shield.

R: Water Fountain
A fountain of water appears after 0,5 seconds on the target location (400 AOE). It will knock all enemies hit up. If the enemies are in lower range (200), they will also get stunned afterwards. It deals aswell damage based on Urf's Armor and Magic Resistance.

Astral Lord Urf

P: Pact with death
Urf is invincible. If he nears an enemy champion too much or he uses a basic attack against an enemy, it will reveal him(400 range revealed). If he uses a spell, there is a chance to reveal him. This chance decreases while he levels, reaching 0% at lvl 18.
Aswell, his spatula now shoots out bolts from the death, which makes him a ranged champ with 650 range.

Q: Ghost Hand Spatula
Urf summons a Ghost Hand with his spatula behind his target, striking him with a heavy force. It will deal damage based on his AD and a bonus per AP. (spell with 700 range)

W: Undead manatee's
Urf summons an army of 2/3/4/5/6 undead manatee's on a postion in 700 range. Everyone of them has a percentage of Urf's AD and HP, while further increasing there AD with AP. They will die after 5 seconds or after killed.
Urf can control the captian of the manatee's, which has a bit increased stats. If the captain dies, a new captian will be ***inged. The other manatee's will follow the captian and the captian decides who to fight against.

E: Water Tower

Urf summomns a water tower which fires water bolts onto the enemy (800 cast range, tower has 700 range). With alt+right mouse, Urf can choose which one it focuses. The missels act like Lulu's bolts. There damage gets increased based on Urf's AP.

R: Undead Resurrection.
Urf will revive all dead units in an area (1000). This automatically activates his undead manatee's and the all revived units will follow the captian. If all undead manatee's died, all revived units die. But this time, the undead manatee's will last for 10 seconds.
The revived units have only 50% of there former stats, except attack speed.
If activated while an undead manatee is alive, the rest of undead manatee's will die and summon new.
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Aug 9th, 2011
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OP, and urf should stay as he is, AN ULTIMATE LEGEND!!!
What's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet at the same time? Rainbow

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