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Interesting idea for a champion [Lian Hua: The...

Creator: MyBloodisBlack November 4, 2013 10:41am
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Apr 18th, 2013
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Champion name: Lian Hua
Title: The Lotus Flower
Style: Ranged Assassin or Support

Background Story: "She remained still in the fields of Demacia, Her eyes closed and her breath silent as she was surrounded by her foes...then with breath from her lips she disappears from sight and so too did the lives of her enemies" - King Jarvan Lightshield the Third

On a cold night in Demacia, a young girl was found in the courtyard of the royal palace, her body beaten and her clothes torn to pieces...nobody had seen her before nor could they figure out how she could have got into the palace ground without a single guard seeing her.

Although she was able to heal, the assault had left her with Amnesia and she couldn't remember a thing about herself or her origins only that she remember a field of Lotus flowers, thus the name Lian Hua was bestowed on her by Xin Zhao who took her under his wing.

Over the course of a few years Lian Hua spent alot of time doing chores around the palace from cooking to gardening, she seemed content with her life as a whole but when she wasn't working she would watch Xin and his men practicing in the field and slowly she began to pick up on their moves and style like it was second nature to her somehow.

It wasn't much longer until Xin Zhao became aware of this and decided to allow her to practice alongside his men and became impressed by her skills both as a warrior but more importantly as an Assassin, she learnt to move at speeds faster than the normal eyes could see and her skills with the energy blade where beyond anything Xin Zhao could have dreamed of.

With Xin Zhao and the pride of Demacia at stake in the Field of battle, Lian Hua seeks to join her comrades in battle at the League of Legends.

* Lian Hua is a Hybrid champion
* Works on a 40% Attack Damage and 60% Ability Power Ratio
* Her Thorn of the flower makes her a fantastic Farming champion
* Her Root of all Power can snare all five enemy champions if they are caught out
* She can do multiple lanes in game including Jungle but she is best suited to the bottom lane

Auto Attack: Lian Hua uses energy shaped like daggers

PASSIVE: The Value of Life
She gains a stack increase of 2% to the gold she receives every time she scores an assist or kill.

Q: Thorn of the flower
Lian Hua lunges towards an enemy with a strike that has 10% critical strike chance, if this attack successfully kills an enemy she instantly targets the next with an 2% increase on her Critical Strike Chance, this continues until she is unable to kill anyone (No stack cap)
Once Lian Hua fails the stack is reset to zero

Mana Cost: 45/42/40/37/35
Cooldown: 10 seconds

W: Kiss of the due
Lian Hua uses leach on her opponent and uses it to heal any allied champions in radius plus herself, the more allied champions around the less they are healed for though

Mana cost: 40/38/36/34/32
Cooldown: 10 seconds

E: The Root of all power - Lian Hua throws her Blade in a line at the enemy target which snares those who are hit by the blade for up to 2 seconds or you can reactivate the ability to do damage based on your AP
Mana Cost: 40/37/35/32/30
Cooldown: 15 seconds

R: The Dance of the Lotus Flower:
Unique Passive: Any cooldown reductions also reduces the activation time of Dance of the lotus flower (e.g. 20% will decrease the activation by 1 second)
Active: Lian Hua runs around in a large circle, once the circle is completed they equal to her AD and AP combined together with a Critical strike increase of 50% to any enemies that is still within the circle.
The circle takes about 5 seconds to complete, this is to give any enemies a chance to escape it if they are able to

Mana Cost: 200/190/180
Cooldown: 120 seconds
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Jan 3rd, 2013
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you should read everything again before posting it to correct mistakes and unclear language(idk how to say it better, just look at the passive of the ult. speaking about the ult, you won't hit **** with it because it takes so long to complete.
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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passive still doesnt make any sense to her character lore/design, youre telling me she has a passive that gives her more gold while nothing about her screams "MORE GOLD!" especially since her backstory was basically being a maid in a castle

Q is again just like irelias blade surge that can crit and is the only real "assassin" ability on her

W is an AoE heal, other champions with an AoE heal are janna, soraka, and to an extent sion, its in their ultimates, also this drains champions too and doesnt make sense with her lore/character either, yeah she was healed in front of the castle but its not like she was draining the life out of someone

E doesnt even make sense anyways, she throws her energy dagger and it snares people? its almost exactly like zyras snare except hers make sense because it has vines

R is lame because itll take 5 seconds to hit and with full CDR its 3 seconds, even if you hit people with your snare they still have one second to either burst you down or escape, and since its "hybrid" its not going to do a lot of damage anyways

and since shes a "hybrid" champion with no steroids shes already going to be extremely terrible, there is also 0 synergy in her kit at all theyre basically abilities you thought would be cool and clumped them on one champion, the closest synergy is her E and R and i already told you whats wrong with that, Q is a gapcloser she doesnt even need since she has E to snare people and im assuming you use W at a range

also her cooldowns are high as **** making CDR a must buy to even be effective, and even then your lowest cooldown will be 6 seconds
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