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Jandrim, the dark energy master

Creator: NicknameMy July 1, 2012 7:50am
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Apr 27th, 2011
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This champ is based on dark energy. It is nearly the same like normal energy, just dark-blue at the status.

P: Jandrim empoweres himself after he kills a unit. Depending on that unit's max HP, he gains bonus AP for a short duration.

Q: Dark Lighting
Jandrim creates a dark lighting bolt which deals magic damage in a cone before him. While leveling this ability up, the range gets increased.

Cost: 50 Dark Energy

W: Soul Stealer
Jandrim steals the soul of his enemy for a short duration, dealing magic damage over time and decreasing the target's armor, magic resistance, attack damage and ability power.

Cost: 60 Dark Energy

E: Raving Thrust
Jandrim knocks all enemies in a cone in front of him with his dark power back, dealing magic damage. If a target collides with terrain, same damage is dealed again and the target is stunned for 1/1,25/1,5/1,75/2 seconds. If the target collides with other units, once the same damage is dealed again. The target will go through it. The other unit's(if they are enemy) are damaged by halve the dmg.

(You can deal triple dmg if you knock one through an unit and then into terrain)

Cost: 80 Dark Energy

R: Dark Power
Jandrim calls the power of the dark energy, channeling first for 1 second, dragging all enemies around him onto a point in front of him, dealing damage. The more enemies collide, the more damage is dealed.

Cost: 100 Dark Energy

A combo of him would be to first use his ult to move all targets in front of him. then use the lighting to damage them further and then knock them all back while they collide with other things. This deals massive damage.

This champ is based on this: Inquisitor, Saced 2.

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