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Jarvan Rune Questions

Creator: FunkMan March 10, 2012 9:22pm
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Mar 3rd, 2012
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Been playing alot of jarvan recently, had more success in the jungle than top-lane, but also running into the problem that jarvan wants more farm than the jungle really can offer, so trying to figure out a way to make him work top.

What do you think of Lifesteal Quints on j4? The main problem he has is that he just doesnt have the sustain that most other top lane champs have. I typically have been running ArPen or AD quints, but have been wondering about lifesteal. What do you think?

By the same token, been thinking of swapping out my armor yellows for mana regen. I seem to go OOM on j4 so fast. Any opinion on this? Maybe keep two pages, with armor for heavy phys damage harassers, and mana regen for the others?

Also been debating running full defensive rune pages, either full armor or full mr, but I guess that's not worth it since even if jarvan takes reduced damage, he has no way of healing it back until after wriggle's.

Thanks for your advice! (While on the topic, ArPen marks are pretty much a no brainer, right?)
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May 18th, 2010
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have you tried rushing philostone on jarvan? starting with a regrowth pendant.

the top rated lane jarvan guide takes mana regen yellows.

as for lifesteal quints? don't think they are really worth it at all in general. jarvan himself gets 53.4 ad at level 1, that'd only be 3.2 health per attack. starting with a regrowth pendant combined with j4s regen will give you more health than this.

arpen marks are a no brainer.
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