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Jun-Co, the Mad Alchemist

Creator: JEFFY40HANDS April 9, 2012 10:05am
<Altruistic Artist>
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Aug 10th, 2010
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Role: Tank/ Mage

Health: 8/10
Damage: 6/10
Spells: 7/10
Difficulty: NA

Alchemical Prodigy (Passive): Jun-Co's alchemical knowledge allows him to convert a percentage of his opponent's damage (physical or magical) into additional armor/magic resist for a short duration. The percentage stacks up to 3 times and will divide the resists when applicable.

Reasoning for this passive: It feels like something similar and different. Basically Jun-Co will/would earn armor/mr depending on what source of damage he is taking. The fact it splits when he is taking multiple sources of damage is simply for usability.

Sink Hole/ Geyser (Q): Jun-Co's attack varies depending on terrain it is cast on; affording him a damage over time Sink Hole which slows when the spell is cast on land, or a geyser which knocks up when cast on water. Both spells deal nearly equivocal damage.

Earthen Armor/Water Barrier (W): Passive: Jun-Co earns additional health when on land/ a slight move speed buff when in water. Active: Earthen Armor's health benefit can be activated (Sacrificed) to deal damage in a frontal cone which reduces enemies attack speed for a short duration. Water Barrier's move speed buff can be activated (Sacrificed) to provide a 3 second barrier which absorbs one spell in return for double the initial move speed increase. When walking from land to water or vice-versa Jun-Co experiences a 1 second delay before either passive benefit becomes active. While either spell's active component is on cool down neither passive will activate.

Combustion/Frozen Wave (E): While on land Jun-Co ignites target enemy dealing damage to them and increasing the damage of the next spell used against them. While on water Jun-Co can fire a straight line skill shot which links him to target enemy or terrain. If he hits terrain the line freezes creating impassable terrain. If the skill shot hits an enemy they take damage and are stunned for a short duration.

Elemental Spear: Jun-Co channels for a short then hurls a spear imbued with the elements in a straight line skill shot. The spear passes through enemies dealing a medium amount of damage and imbuing them with elemental energy for a short duration. After this short duration the energy explodes dealing additional damage in a medium radius AoE. The elemental energy that explodes only affects champions.

Summary: I'm sure this champion seems overly complicated, perhaps has a bit too much utility? Overall I've created Jun-Co with the idea of him being a tanky mage like Vladimir, but more tank than mage. I'd appreciate thoughts or comments. And yes, I believe this is my second Alchemist champion XD.

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