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Kelrian, The Marai Deserter.

Creator: WoWImOp May 30, 2015 2:12pm
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May 18th, 2013
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LoreAfter the Marai Nami left in search of a new moonstone, many of the others realized how little time they actually had left before the dark and terrible predators of the sea closed in on their currently peaceful society. Dissent and panic had been sown in the Guardian's sea. A large proportion of the Marai thought that they should stay united under such turbulent times, and many listened. The others however, fled into the dark murky depths hoping for a way out of becoming the bottom of the food chain. Kelrian, the captain of the guard went out to stop these foolish and borderline suicidal ideas from ever reaching fruition. One night he caught wind of a plan to leave the Guardian's Sea in search of better areas. He took a hundred or so soldiers to stop these people from venturing out to become the next meal of some beast. As he arrived at the area of which the citizens planned on escaping, he already saw that it was too late. As each Marai tried to make a break for it, they were snapped up by some creature in the dark only leaving a small pool of blood in place of where they once swam. Kelrian ordered his soldiers to save what little survivors that were left and then charged into battle. Right before he reached the front of battle Kelrian came to realize there was no hope. If a moonstone wasn't found soon the chance of the Maria combating these creatures was virtually impossible. He then made a split decision. He took his second in command's unconscious body and traversed into the dark whilst majority of the predators were preoccupied with his soldiers. Swimming as fast as possible, Kelrian broke past the wall of monsters. "We made it friend." he said exasperatedly to his second in command, before looking down in terror to find only half of his friends body remained. This was the last thing he saw before becoming enveloped in a black ooze. He struggled to fight his way out but there was no escaping. And not but moments later, he passed out. Disoriented, lost and angry Kelrian woke up face down on a beach. After a small period of time, he found out he could do things that were not possible for him before. He could sense things miles away, he could breathe on land, and he could even will his swords to move as if they were a part of his body. Kelrian thought of returning to the sea, but in shame and sorrow he found he couldn't do it. Looking at the sea one last time to say goodbye he sighed and slithered away. In anger Kelrian begun committing terrible deeds, killing and pillaging. He hated what he had become, so he found his way to the Fields of Justice, to tame his anger.

!!!NOTE!!! This is a work in progress and not all my ideas are fully fleshed out, but I will be taking suggestions and updating as often as I can.

Appearance: Kelrian is the same race as Nami so they both have the same base look. Kelrian is a male Marai with black scales, his tail is tattered with bite marks and tears in it. He is wearing a dark steel chest plate with a red trim with matching shoulders. As well as a Barbuta for a helmet. His eyes are a dark red, and cloudy. On his face he wears a neutral expression with a hint of displeasure. In each arm he wields a sword, one an emerald color with a navy blue hilt. His other sword is a ruby color with a black hilt. Each sword would look something like This. The swords would not be split down the middle and the wings would be replaced with fins, the hilt would also not have anything on the end of it. Sadly I cannot draw or I'd show you the idea I have in my head so I'll work on a better description.NOTICE: I'm aware that the color scheme for the champion is a bit cliche but I feel the colors work well with his personality.


Passive:Blade of the Ocean
Every third attack, Kelrian applies a bleed effect that does 14(+Champion level) damage over the course of three seconds and applies grievous wounds which also lasts three seconds.

Q: Skewer of the Sea Range 1000 Cooldown 17/15/13/11/9 Kelrian throws one of his swords dealing 80/140/190/240/290 (+65% AD) and gains a 10/15/20/25/30% speed boost for 3.5 seconds. The boost only takes effect if the sword hits a champion. If Kelrian catches up to the enemy champion, he removes the sword slowing them for 40/47/54/61/68% and applies a bleed that deals 4/6/8/10/12 for 4 seconds.(This is a skill shot) If Kelrian does not catch up to the enemy champion due to his dual wielding capabilities he attacks with a singular sword and receives a 5% debuff to his attack speed. His sword returns to him when the cooldown is reset.

W: Swordfish Dance Cast time:Instant Cooldown:10/9/8/7/6/5 seconds
Kelrian gains 15/28/42/56/69% attack speed and 15/20/25/30/35% base attack damage but suffers a 25/20/15/10/5% debuff to armor and magic resist for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds

E: FISH! Range 800 Skillshot Cooldown 13 seconds
Kelrian throws a rotting fish at the enemy taunting them for .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds and deals 30/50/70/90/110 damage(+70% AD)

R: Burial at Sea Range 1000 Cooldown 100/75/50
Kelrian dashes to an enemy champion who was struck by Skewer of the Sea dealing 175/275/375 damage (+95% AD) as well as applying a slow for 50/60/70% and a bleed that does 5/10/15 damage for 5 seconds.

Stats:(Work in Progress

Health 514-2044

Health Regen: 3.1-11.6

No Resource

Melee Range 130

Attack Damage: 52-103

Attack Speed: 0.682 (+0%-54%)

Armor: 22.4-74.8

Magic Resist: 29-50.3

Movespeed: 340

HEY!Tell me what you think, any and all ideas are appreciated. Thanks for viewing!
Huge thanks to Patch, who had many great ideas!
Why keep them living when the dead are so much easier to work with?-Malphyron.
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Feb 17th, 2011
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Love it. I was sad when Draven's passive went away. Bleeds are awesome, and the game honestly needs more Greivous Wounds.

Dancing Sea Life
I am confused by this ability. My first interpretation is that its a toggle, in which case I'd personally prefer it not to be on the Q. And if it is a toggle and not temporarily active, its broken as all hell. A permanent 69% attackspeed and 30% attack damage buff is enormous, even at the loss of 5% of your armour and MR. It's also in that awkward field of trying to be a powerful tank and a DPS instead of specializing. But a single skill does not make someone overpowered if they can't utilize it. Maybe if it was 30% base attack damage it would be a little more balanced. Considering late game assassins or ADC's end up sporting 300-400 AD, it would be an increase of up to 100 (OR MORE) AD.

This skill is fine, but you need a time-limiter on the speed boost. Also two questions; what happens if he doesn't catch up and what does he attack with until then?

THIS SHOULD BE A SKILLSHOT. 800 range 1.5 second taunt that does damage scaling off your primary stat?! Yes! Skillshot! You WANT to be in melee range and have a massive attack speed and AD steroid! It shouldn't be TOO easy!

This is too easy. Hecarim's ultimate does not scale off AD, CC's for 0.5 seconds shorter, is a skill shot, 100 less range and has double the cooldown at max level.

The ideas in this guy have some potential but right now he's just a big 'ol ball of powerful, with ample steroids, scaling and CC to make him a terror who's only real weakness might be the laning phase where he has no real strength ability to farm. And that's a good weakness for someone that scales really hard. But this guy just has a lot of damage, a lot of CC and a lot of ways to effectively get up close and take advantage of the stats and CC.

Also the Movespeed is awful low for a melee range champion. Not sure if that was an intentional balance choice?

I'd go back to the basics. What were you trying to achieve when you were designing this champion? Focus on that. If you were trying to make a melee DPS, make sure you make them squishy with little CC. If you were trying to make them an assassin, make sure they only really CC one and explode one person. if you were trying to make them a tanky initiator, lighten up some damage. You'll find what feels right in the end!
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