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Lifesteal Runes

Creator: 3pthorror
March 17, 2012 10:24pm
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So legit. With the 3 lifesteal runes and the lifesteal in the mastery tree which is like a must get when playing ad carry since your already maxing that tree, and 3 dorans blades, you get 18% lifesteal. With the new wriggles only giving you 12% in this upcoming patch it looks to me that if you wanna win bot lane, you really need lifesteal runes. I have been playing with them while wriggles and vampiric scepter havnt been nerfed and i think its stronger already. I'm taking a guess that all the high level AD carries will be running them and getting 3 doran's most every game.

But what do you all think?

Also I'm almost positive that M5 ran them in the recent tournament they destroyed on all their ad carries but urgot, and I checked some of the pro's accounts rune pages and they have a rune page identical to the on im using with flat ad marks flat armor seals flat mr glyphs and the lifesteal runes.
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