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Lulu top still works :)

Creator: Wheew EUW March 11, 2013 1:35pm
Wheew EUW
Wheew EUW's Forum Avatar
Jan 24th, 2013
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Just try it its fun.
You can build her in so many ways too, prob getting like botrk and frozen mallet is good (thats what i did) and you can bully most champs i guess. (played vs renek bullied him and got FB on him)
Check out my singed guide :)
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Dec 6th, 2011
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Lol. Love lulu - and you'd know how much of a bully she can be to singed, haha
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Thanks a lot for the sig, jhoi! :)
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Jan 16th, 2012
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AP Janna ^^

I will go try AP Lulu top now :DDD
There is no victory without humility.

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