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Malakai, the dark ranger

Creator: reyndria August 5, 2012 11:03am
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Nov 7th, 2011
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(I'm going to leave out lore for the moment, it will be edited when i come up with backstories. right now, i'm going into ability detail and looking for help in balancing the champion once the skills are seen. be sure to note that everything i'm putting in at the moment is just until i have a better idea of what to place there for a balanced champion)

Malakai is an aggressive but kind of squishy melee AD that specializes in assassinating enemies and focusing targets in team fights.

HP: 470 (73)
MP: 320 (45)
AD: 60 (10)
AS: 0.7 (0.1)
AP: 0 (10)
Armor: 30 (10)
MR: 24 (10)


Innate - Blur: Grants 3% bonus attack speed (keep it simple)

Q - Dissipate: Malakai goes invisible and has (5/7/10/12/15)% bonus movespeed for 5 seconds. attacking breaks the invisibility, but not the movespeed bonus. if the target is envenomed, Malakai does an additional (25/50/75/100/150) (+5%AD) damage with his basic attack. (escape/chase tool with some benefits) (CD: 15s after stealth is broken)

W - Envenomed Blades: (passive) Malakai's basic attacks unleash a toxin into the target, dealing (5/7/9/11/13) (+3% target's max hp) over 5 seconds. the DOT refreshes if the same target is hit more than once.
(active) Malakai throws a dagger at a target, dealing (50/75/100/150/200) (15%AD) to the target and applying the venom. Also applies on-hit effects. (main damaging ability. less OP than teemo's DOT since he's not ranged) (CD 10s. passive is still up during cooldown)

E - Darken: Malakai summons a globe of darkness in an area, lowering the vision of units in the globe.
(the way to ensure a nice disappearing act in harmony with his Q, also good for setting up team fights. does no damage) (CD: 15s)

R - Ranger's Gambit: Malakai goes into a spinning frenzy for 5 seconds, doing (100/200/300) (+50%AD) per second to nearby enemy champions. While in this state, Malakai cannot basic attack, has 15% reduced movespeed, but can move himself around. Casting other spells during this time cancels the move. (This doesnt apply on-hit effects, including his w - that would be OP) (CD: 180/150/120s)

Please get back to me with feedback. Really all i had in mind making this was the moves, and he'd be really OP right now. the numbers right now are fill in numbers until i can get some feedback and actually balance him right. some +rep will be given for an active effort to get this guy into working order. Riot needs a better stealth champion, and i think one like this would work wonders if we could balance him and get the idea in their heads.

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