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Meta-breaking Raka build

Creator: digital_sauce April 26, 2014 4:12pm
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Apr 24th, 2014
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I've recently come up with a build and strategy for Raka that has been attracting a lot of attention in and after the game. After searching through guides I think I've come up with something that works well and is fairly unique. I've had comments like "raka is god", "best raka na", "heal is OP", "raka is annoying" etc. Here goes...

The guide is pretty bad but you can see the build clearly. This Raka support is the most fun I've been having as support because I'm a menace in lane and can carry late game - while being a support! (It's awesome to clean up with a triple kill on their carries)

Raka's support key in this build is to bait the enemy team into focusing on her (hard not to when your damage kills them) at the wrong time, all game long. Also, to stop people from dying with properly timed heal-buffs and global heals, and lastly, by silencing the enemy carries and feeding mana to your own. What she lacks in passive-tanking she makes up for with W, R, D, F, and 3 eventually. The build is doing it's job when 3 people chase you into your jungle for the kill and get swarmed right after by your carries.

Supports like Thresh and Blitz are still a good counter, no CC in Raka's kit. However, this build is a lot thornier/deceptive and can definitely bounce back from such engagements. As such, it's extremely important to harass and ensure the survival of your own carry through the lane stage. Since this build offers so much damage to a team composition, your team will have to utilize their solo-queue XP and lookout for themselves a bit more. It's by no means a support that rolls over when you save a carry and solo the double kill though.

Sorry for advertising my bad guide. What I want to know is, how's the build look? My first reaction is to the lack of defensive/supportive items but I swear by not needing them with Raka's kit. I haven't found many similar builds to this on the web so now my curiosity has me. I'd love to have someone else try it out and share their feedback. I'm saving up IP for hybrid pen marks at the moment.

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