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My Cute Hamster Champion Concept

Creator: PervySages June 26, 2022 2:35pm
PervySages's Forum Avatar
Jun 26th, 2022
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I have a new champion concept. It is a cute hamster called Fury Coconut. It is a mixed black and white hamster. The idea is the hamster is so cute, no one wants to attack it. It also has hamster wheels.

Champion name: Fury Coconut

Hamster Wheels - Hamster wheels will spawn on walls around the hamster. (similar to illaoi tentacles) Hamster wheels are usable by all champions. Run on the wheel for 1-3 seconds for a temporary buff including AD increase, AP increase, a shield, movement speed increase. Hamster Wheels are destroyed after an opponent uses it. The longer you run on the wheel, the larger the buff and the longer is lasts.

Q: Tackle - Fury Coconut does a low tackle that makes the champion fall for 1 second and takes % max hp damage.

W: Roll Out - you start rolling, you bounce off of enemy champions in the opposite direction, you deal increase damage as the rolling continues, 3 seconds are added after each bounce.

E: Food bowl - Place a bowl of food down. Any champion can eat it to heal.

R: Cuteness overload - All champions (ally and enemy) are charmed to walk towards Fury Coconut for 3 seconds. Range is approximately Amumu ult

I thought of this concept today and felt I had to share. It is a rough draft, although maybe with some tweaks, I would love to see this champ.
Feb 24th, 2023
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Hello PervySages!

Some thoughts. It may be helpful if Hamster Wheels gave a more specific bonus to one particular stat. Currently it gives bonuses to AD, AP, and movement speed, as well as a shield. It may be more strategically useful if it gave a bonus to perhaps one stat, since it could then be stronger and enable players to use it for a specific benefit, rather than a well-rounded one.

I don't know if it's the best idea to have R - Cuteness Overload charm allies as well. Granted, that's a downside to the skill, which could allow it to be stronger. However, I'm personally wary of it as the player might hamper their allies, even if accidentally.

That's all I have. Thank you for your time.

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