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Nayla, The Huntmaster

Creator: Sventes December 6, 2012 4:24pm
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Oct 12th, 2012
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Sventes here with another custom champion. Taking a look at a AD carry this time. Trying for something a little different as she will have a pet to manipulate.

Nayla, The Huntmaster

Nayla is a Ranged AD Carry who uses her kit for long range harrasment with her companion pet, Fenris.

Passive: Spirit Bond: Kayla has a spirit bond with her pet wolf Fenris. Fenris will attack Kayla's main target and will return to Kayla if her target leaves vision. Fenris has Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed, Armor, Magic Resist and Max Health equal to 50/65/80% of Kayla's Total values and has 100% of her movement speed. If Fenris is killed, he will respawn every minute and a half or whenever [ The Hunt is On!] is used. Fenris does not apply on-hit effects but benefits from Champion auras.

[Q]: Decimate: Kayla's next basic attck unleashes a powerful bolt from her Crossbow, dealing 10/15/20/25/30 (1.1 Total AD) physical damage to her target. Fenris dashes to the target of Decimate, dealing physical damage equal to his Attack damage to her target.

Range: Auto Attack Range(550), Cost: 45 mana, Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds.

[W]: Wing Clip: Kayla commands Fenris to Pin her target, dealing 50/60/70/80/90% of his attack damage as Physical damage and slow her target by 20/30/40/50/60% for 2 seconds. Fenris must be in melle range for Wing clip to be useable.

Range: Fenris Auto attack Range(175), Cost: 70 mana, Cooldown: 10 seconds

[E]:Guardian: Kayla commands Fenris to return to her and sheild her for 30/60/90/120/150 ( 0.4 AP)damage. While defending her, Fenris cannot autoattack, but will add his Armor and Magic Resist to Kayla's for 6 seconds.

Range: N/A, Cost: 60 mana, Cooldown: 9 seconds

[R]: The Hunt is On!: Kayla gains her 20/40/60% Attack Speed and 30% Movement speed for 8 seconds and Fenris is resurected if he is dead. While The Hunt is On! is active, Fenris will cleave on his auto attacks. Upon kill or assist, Kayla gains 2 seconds on the duration of this buff, up to 6 seconds.

Range: N/A, Cost: 100 Mana, Cooldown: 90 seconds.

Recomended Build: Breserker Greaves, Trinity Force, Zeke's Herald, Zephyr, Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel

Lore: Freljord is home to some of the most dangerous creatures that call valoran home. None more so then the Dire Wolves. These large behemoths can grow to be as tall a fully grown man, and have teeth and claws that can crush steel. Becasue of their strength many clans in freljord consider them to be a rite of passage for young hunters. Whilst wandering the forests that dot the lower reaches of Freljord, Kayla's father came acroos a dire wolf runt, abondoned by its herd to the cold. Not wishing to see the wolf die a worthless death, the man brought the young wolf back to his home. Kayla, only a young girl at the time, asked her father if she could keep the wolf, teaching it to be her companion while she learned to be a hunter herself. Apprehensively, he agreed and on that day a bond formed between Kayla and the young wolf.

Years passed by and Kayla had become the most well known Hunter amongst all the Clans in Freljord. Her skill with a crossbow and her bond with her wolf, who she had named Fenris, put her leagues ahead of others, so much so that she had been able to single-handedly take down a patriarch frost bear who had been terrorizing clans for at least the past 5 years. It was becasue of these skills that Kayla was approched by Sejuani. Sejuani asked that She band with her against Ashe, claiming that Kayla understood the old ways of Freljord and Ashe would demolish them. Upon hearing that the lifestyle she had known for so long was in danger, Kayla wasted no time in heading to the League of Legends. Brandishing her crossbow, wolf companion and a Bone helmet, made from the skull of the frost bear, Kayla stands ready to give Ashe and the League a taste of the real Freljord.

" Careful, He bites."
- Kayla, The Huntmaster

Apperance: Full Body leather armor, Cloak and half skirt covering one side of her body made of thick fur, Large bone skull helmet with horns- looks like a bison skull, Long red hair in a ponytail, goes down to her waist, Carries her crossbow on sling over her shoulder. Looks like this:

Fenris: Stands right around Kayla's Chest in height, Thick Grey coat of fur, Yellow eyes, almost large enough to ride around on.

Well that's it from me for now. As always feedback is appreciated!
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