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New ADC Champ

Creator: rtkfan11 October 21, 2016 3:29am
rtkfan11's Forum Avatar
Oct 21st, 2016
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I will not state what name I want for this champ. What's important is the abilities I will put on this ADC. So let's start with the passive:

Mark of the Hunted

Increases critical chance by X per champion level when attacking a marked champion. Also gains X range when using Strafe on the marked champion.

Q: Strafe

Fires an arrow at long range. Instant cast. Applies on hit effects and critical damage. At level 3 and 4
fires 2 arrows, at level 5 fires 3 arrows. Arrows will prioritize hitting champions over minions or monsters. Maximum of 1 arrow per enemy champion will hit.

W: Poison Fog Trap

Places a trap that explodes when stepped on. Applies Mark of the Hunted. Explodes at X area. Deals poison damage over time. When enemy champion is hit with Strafe while poisoned, doubles the poison damage.

E: Post Haste

Increases movespeed when activated. When near turrets, causes turrets to attack 1 more time. Deactivates when you are in close proximity of a friendly turret, inhibitor or nexus.

R: Call of Arrows

Marks an area with a target. It will apply Mark of the Hunted to all enemy champions within the area targetted.
Can be cast at long range.

Please tell me what you think. Is it good for a new champion. I'm having thoughts about, what if this was an Urgot rework. Your thoughts would be much appreciated
kittylord's Forum Avatar
Oct 21st, 2016
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I'm not liking how only the traps and the ult apply the mark of the hunted. I'm also not sure what post haste does. Does it cause the enemy tower to attack you one more time or does it cause your friendly turret to attack it's target one more time? Also if this is an Urgot rework, we are going to see a lot of AS/Crit Urgots, which doesn't really fit urgot. I think it would be best to create a new champion with this moveset.

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