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New Driver/marksman hybrid Idea. Fuad, The...

Creator: Dragonshea January 12, 2017 9:36pm
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Oct 14th, 2014
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Hi all. I was thinking about how an AA based Champion dealing damage via both melee and ranged while having an emphasis on diving straight into the enemy team, poke form apart being committing to the kill and also having a good deal of defensive power to save himself from harm. being a very different champion in terms of stats growth.

Fuad is was once a Noxian but left after seeing his Idol slowly being being dragged into the corruption of the High Command seeing that the Noxian Ideology is just a tool to control the Noxian people while the Aristocrats lived like they always did regardless of cultures and nations. He Traveled to Ionia prior to the Noxian invasion and was imprisoned for the crimes of his kinsmen but before at his trial he humbled the Ionians as he proclaimed his innocence as dared them to execute him as an example that the only good noxian is a dead one.

Released and honored as their own to some while others still sought his death for petty vengeance. Fuad now seeks to learn as much as he can about the world before returning home to bring forth the truth about Noxus and the Rotten Roots that have snapped it's integrity away.


HP 351+97 per level
Armor:100+0 per level
ME:100+0 per level
Attack Damage: 57+4 per level
Attack speed: 0.625+3.529 per level
Movement Speed: 345
Range: 125
Resource: Energy: 200


Passive: The lone path: Regenerates Health based solely on %HP, Healing himself 5% of his total HP every 5 seconds reduced to 1/4 for 6 seconds after being hit or attacking and causes any HP Regen to increase his regeneration by 10% per 100% regen gained instead. X's energy increases by 4% per 100 mana and also causes X to gain AP equal to his base AD, and reduces his Armor and MR gains by 80%-5% per Lv until lv16

Q: Dual Disciples:
Cost: 25 energy per attack

Toggle to become Range, increasing range by 375 and turns Attacks dealing 100% Base AP + 70% Bonus AP magic damage at the cost energy while melee attacks 5% of his total energy. In addition, new effects are gains upon ranking up the ability.

Rank 2: Increase Damage by 10%
Rank 3: Increase AS by 10%
Rank 4: deals damage in a cone, Melee's cone will bigger for melee attacks.
Rank 5: Attacks will gain true stick, allowing X to deal damage through any defenses like dodge or parry but at 80% less damage during the effect on the target.

W: Balls to the wall:
Cost 50 energy. CD: 20/18/16/14/12

Dash a short distance and gain additional properties based on collision or not as well as actions during the charge. This ability and be charged by holding down the W key for increased effect.
No collision with a champion: increase MS by 20/25/30/35/40 for 6 seconds

Collision with a champion: Knock the champion a short distance and deals 25/50/75/100/125 Extra AD damage back, if they hit an obstacle, X will gain Ball buster and deal increased 15/22.5/30/37.5/50% more melee damage for 3 seconds

Hits Terrain or obstacles: Parkour over them, but does not gain any extra movement speed.

E: Unyielding guard:
Cost 80/75/70/65/60 CD 24/21/18/15/12

Passive: Gains 1/2/3/4/5 True armor for every 100 point of Armor and Magic resist. True armor reduces damage taken from true damage.

Active: Becomes Snared in place and unable to attack but reduces all damage taken by 40/45/50/55/60% from the front with the bonus halved from any attacks from the back. X will also gain a shield for 20/40/60/80/100 HP that refreshes itself twices every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. can still use Colossal rush to dash and dashes further towards allies if they are nearby.

R: Ultimate destructor:
Cost: none CD:150 (can't be reduced with CDR)

when the target falls to 200/300/400 or 4/5/6.25 of their max HP, X will always have vision of his target no matter what. When the target falls to or below the threshold for vision X will instantly kill the target, this attack cannot be blocked by any means.

Hope you enjoy it.
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