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Nidalee: Unlocking the eye of the tiger.

Creator: xDuzellx July 29, 2010 12:52pm
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Jul 29th, 2010
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I'm fairly new to the game and one of the first characters I played at random was Nidalee. She was quirky, fun, and confusing. So the next game I played, I tried someone else. Now that I have some more experience under my belt I've come back to try her out again based on liking her gameplay mechanics and I just love druid style characters. However...with the whole "Love for druids" comes the thing that I always have trouble with...

Understanding the true potential of a hybrid.

I've played her a few games and I think I have a fairly good idea about how to use her abilities, how to support my laning partner, get some ganks, and even farm. I'm a little low level to have half the points or runes builds suggest (But that never really bothers me much. I'll get there.) or mastery points so maybe I'm missing something in there....but my confusion lies in the items. I have been using this build for a reference and so far things have been grand and awesome. Well put together guide, nice points, and the theory behind it is fairly solid. In fact, the only thing I don't agree with entirely is the weapons, Specifically the strange order...

Please note my concerns are MY misunderstanding. I am not grilling the guide, I'm just asking questions in a general setting using the guide as a very good reference tool which I am thankful to have.

Health Pot, Dorans Ring, Sheen, Ninja Tabi, Rageblade, brutalizer, Trinity force, Razor, then Bloodthirster. How I play the character is that my ability, PS (Primal surge.) is my self/teammate heal and buff, so right away I'm less worried about the health pot. The ring I can understand...but why not forget it and go for the Sapphire Crystal for the sheen first drop? Extra mana = more health and Attack speed. The next question is What makes the Ninja Tabi more appealing then the beserkers? The Rageblade I am fine with...I actually question the Trinity force as it's very hard to make, inventory space wise and money wise, and I feel the last two items are unreachable unless you have been fed kills.

For a replacement to the Trinity would it be wise to throw in it's place a Mandreds, and then perhaps a Starks Fevor? I'm humbly asking the more experienced players just some insight so I can test it about and perhaps make my own guide when I feel I have something worth presenting. Thank you all in advance!

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