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Nocturne Help

Creator: Twirky February 15, 2013 10:34pm
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Feb 15th, 2013
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First post!! Ok so here goes:

So Nocturne is possibly my favorite champ (he's soooo cool :3), I payed all my IP at a bright young summoner level of 20, and promptly found out that I sucked at him so abandoned him until now.

I'm level 30, and I've gotten pretty good at champs like Yi, Singed, Shaco, and others, but my Nocturne is still terrible.

He's squishy, and doesn't do any of the damage I would want him to. When I top with him, i get snowballed, and when I jungle, none of my ganks do anything except get people+me killed.

The most frustrating thing is that I know he's not underpowered because I see people constantly and utterly destroy with him.

When I build him I generally build
Doran's Blade (but have experimented with Doran's shield, cloth armor, boots+health pots, etc.)
attack-speed boots (I don't remember all the boots fancy names, I probably never will... sue me XD)
Life-steal stick (lull)
Black cleaver
Warmogs armor
Infinity edge (have expirimented with switching edge and warmog's to no avail)
Then, depending on how things are going, i will build some AC, MR, or Phantom Dancer if i'm doing ok and just need more damage.

I would theorize that my build is pretty strong, but frankly it may be that I don't know how to engage with nocturne without getting killed, and almost everyone I 1v1 has an insane advantage on me, despite the fact that i'm supposed to do really good damage and be a little tanky. When I "R" my ult does nearly no damage early game and basically nothing endgame.

Please help guys i've been trying but my Noc sucks and I don't want to feed any more ;-;
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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it looks like youre building pure damage other than the warmogs, you should build nocturne like a bruiser in most cases

Psiguards jungle nocturne guide is a good guide to help you learn how to build nocturne when you jungle with him (which is better than top imo because of your ganks at level 6)

and nocturnes ganks might be GODLY but only if you have a team that can properly ward and can keep vision when you use your ult, pre-6 your ganks are kind of meh unless you land your Q

another tip i have for nocturne is to work on timing your spell shield because it can save your life

but Psiguards guide on nocturne is one of the better ones ive seen and is one i used when i was learning nocturne and you can find it on the site pretty easy
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Aug 13th, 2011
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Twirky wrote:

He's squishy, and doesn't do any of the damage I would want him to. When I top with him, i get snowballed, and when I jungle, none of my ganks do anything except get people+me killed.

I think one of the problems is that you're playing him top lane. Nocturne isn't one of the best top laners, as he naturally pushes the lane, even when just using auto attacks. Nocturne's natural home is in the jungle, where your roaming and initiation from your ult can strike almost anywhere, anytime.

Nocturne can work if you build him full, herp derp damage. It relies on you ulting the enemy carry, and nuking them down as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, With the new HP stacking playstyles, this doesn't work as well as it used to, not to mention that if the enemy team is protecting their carry properly then you will just ult in and die :/

Bruiser is the generally accepted way to build him. If you play him anti-carry, you'll need a mixyure of damage and survivability, and some items that will let you stick their carry (something with a slow - Frozen Mallet or perhaps even that Iceborne Gauntlet thingy).

DillButt has already pointed out a particularly good Nocturne guide, and I'd definitely recommend doing as much reading around playing Nocturne as possible.
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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Noc top is fine.
It's not optimal but it works.

Problem #1: playstyle in lane.
It seems you either keep trying to go all-in on other top laners or get harassed and don't respond. These are all mechanical problems and not champion problems so you'll have to solve that yourself.

Problems #2: build
Noc isn't meant to be built squishy. You build carry items, you die once you go in. Simple as that. Noc is meant to be built as a tanky assassin. You can initiate really well with your ultimate and then tank it up for your team.

It's not the champion problem it's your personal playstyle problem. I recommend looking up professional gameplay on Nocturne. If you fully understand how they play and when they back off you'd improve a lot.

Wickd has some videos on top nocturne.
Oddone and many other junglers have some vids on jungle noc.
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Dec 15th, 2011
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Haven't played Noc, execpt on his free week a while back, don't you have to build him exactly like xin zhao? Both are meatn to be tanky assassins.

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