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Possible new funnel strat with top and mid.

Creator: mcasterix123 March 13, 2020 10:24am
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Nov 21st, 2015
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So once again, funnel jungle has been kneecapped. This lead me to think, along with recent support top shenanigans, 'Does it need to be jungle and mid?'. This is a very rough idea for the strat and needs to be tested in proper games

Here's the ideal situation:

Both a funnel receiver with fast and/or resource efficient wave clear IE Shyvana, Sivir, Malz, Rumble, and a funnel deliverer with decent push/ harass such as Q max Lulu, with Relic shield
Decent movespeed though not core.
Can take sorcery and domination runes (doesn't matter which is the primary tree.) This allows them to take celerity, waterwalking, and relentless hunter to move between far more quickly.
Perhaps boots first on the receiver.
Against at least 1 top or mid laner who can struggle to push such as Fizz.

The idea is that both start in the mid lane and push out asap. They then go top, catch that wave and the next, push it hard, then return to mid. Rinse and repeat. While an experience lead might not be garnered due to the exp share, if done effectively you could get maybe 9-10 minions per wave.

This could sidestep the jungle items nerf, plus allow a standard jungler to gank bot. The downside is that it would still require a somewhat safe bot lane, plus may make fighting for objectives more awkward. A variant of this could be letting the funnel deliverer stay mid when it looks like the jungler wants to take an objective while the funnel receiver takes tp.

I'm not saying this is viable, let alone good, but I think it's something worth considering.
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Sep 3rd, 2019
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just go yuumi supp and stay on the midlaner

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