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Primen, The Umbrella Master

Creator: blinder002 September 15, 2012 11:55am
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Apr 28th, 2012
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Copied from EUNE and NA forums my thread.

Primen:The Umbrella Master:

Passive: Scrap Metal:Every time he basic attacks he gets one stack of Scrap Metal. When reached 10 stacks his next attack slows enemy champion by 50% for 2 sec. When he reaches 20 stacks his next attack stuns an enemy champion for 2 sec. Max 30 stacks. He loses all stacks when basic attacks a champion while he has 10 or more stacks.

Q attack: Open/Close: He can toggle this to open or close the umbrella. While Closed: like in the start he has normal stats. While open he loses 5/10/15/20/25 Attack Damage and gains 10/15/20/30/35 armor and magic ressistance. no cooldown No Cost

W attack: Throwback/Defense X: While close umbrella he throws his umbrella in a 400/420/450/500/550 Range and gives 100/150/250/350/450 damage+ 75% of the ability power. While open umbrella he can use this as a shield to reflect all attacks in front of him and give them 20/40/60/80/100 more range. The shield lasts 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 sec. cooldown 15/14/12/10/9 sec 100/120/150/200/250 mana

E attack: Snarethorn/Dashing Strike: While close he can send his umbrella in the skies and lose the ability to basic attack for 5 sec. and snare the opponents in a large area. The snare lasts 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 sec.
While open he is stealthed for 3 sec. and he dashes foward and in the initial impact with the opponent he damages him 50/150/250/350/450 +65% of the ability power. Both players are knocked back 100/200/300/400/500 distance. cooldown 25/20/17/13/10 sec. 300/250/200/200/250 mana

Ultimative: The Last Raindrop: Deals 300/400/500 +80% AP damage to the target champion and for each stack of scrap metal he deals extra 7+1% AP damage.
130/110/90 sec cooldown 400/300/200 mana

HP- 2100 at lvl 18

Mana- 700 at lvl 18

HP regen 10+ (0.5) every lvl

Mana regen 10+ (0.9) every lvl

Armor: 18 + (4) every lvl

Magic ressist: 25+ (2) every lvl

Movement speed: 330

Damage: 65+ (2) every lvl

Living his life in Demacia as an ordinary salesman, he was one of the richest man in whole Demacia. One day when he entered his shop for another day at work, he was robbed. The only thing left there is an old umbrella and a note.

Dear Primen

Your working habits are amazing and I wish to know how will you do without any wealth. There is only one way to find who did this to you. Find the secret of this umbrella. It is hard but when you figure it out, you will know how to get back your wealth.


He started thinking. "What did I do so bad to earn this? Who did this to me?" That was just a regular umbrella but he started to seach and ask for everybody's help. He went everywhere. Heimerdinger said that is just an ordinary umbrella. He went to Ziggs and Corki too but they said the same. One day he was passing near a junkyard and saw Rumble making an ultimate robot there. Rumble solved primen's problem. He putted in the umbrella some scrap but he also said: "Only you can control this but beware, sometimes when your mind isn't straight you will become whole scrap" He started thinking. Suddenly a week later his umbrella pointed north. It was raining so Primen went outside to get some food but his umbrella didnt move, it just pointed north. He went north and he found out a hidden temple was there. There he got a special amulet when suddenly his umbrella appeared in his hands and a fairy appeared. "In order to keep this powers you must do one thing. Find the person who stole everything from your store and start working again." He Joined the league after that and he destroyed everyone in his path to find the thief.

"Noone can hide from me forever."-Primen, searching the thief.

Sry for bad lore but I think you get the idea

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