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Rabbit - cc support

Creator: deyrth January 17, 2012 11:52am
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Nov 6th, 2011
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apprenticed page to the black rose

Rabbit is designed to be a cc support champion with good synergy for escape and gank reception.
His passive is designed to passively complement his teams map awareness, and his **** casts without targeting, because he is too scared to look!
He looks like a male white priest in FF tactics, or like their bard, like, ezreal in a pink hoodie talon jacket thing.

He would benefit from mana regen, mana, and resistances. CDR, etc.

/P: Flickering St. Lamps - when a ward expires, 3s later a CV sized sight will proc to that location

/Q - Lock charm - taunt nearest champion for .5 within long range, like kayle's heal
/W - Sleight - fear nearest champion for .5 within shorter range, fiddle's fear
/E - Mixed Up - stealth for .5, small area damage, anything within W's range of Rabbit that is under cc is stunned for .5 and takes an additional small damage.

/R - Bad Bait: Mirror target enemy's character model and taunt them for 2 seconds. Allow friendly fire on the enemy while mirrored, for 5/6/7 seconds. While model swapped, Rabbit gets the enemy's q for use costed to the mana cost of his Q.

The intent of Rabbit's ultimate is to create a bad initiation on a surprise encounter of Rabbit in the woods, but allowing friendly fire should even into far late game make certain aoe decisions riskier and costlier.

/W: <bad accent> allo' govnah, what is it? , obviously
/T/J: My poor Rabbit!
/L: Aha. . - ah.. Hm.

Skin: stemcElL[A] - white tunic with aqua particle/accent color, and his stuff get all tech-heavy, with like, alchemist tackle, you know? Hextech's sinister, underground, rival business venture in the lethally private sectors of Zaun.

/W: can you keep a secret?

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