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Rageblade on Kled - Opinions?

Creator: DylanGz April 8, 2017 12:37pm
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Apr 8th, 2017
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I tried out Rageblade on kled and its so OP!
Im not sure if its just me, but rageblade makes dismounted Kled feel unkillable. He gets his mount within seconds of just 4-5 hits with the W Passive, not to mention the amount of damage he deals.
Someone try this build out, ranked or Normal, i just want an opinion from someone who can relate with me on how strong this item is.

My build consists of;

Black Cleaver
Titanic Hydra
Frozen Mallet
Boots (Optional ofc)
Deaths Dance/Armor/MR ( Situational basically, if your really op and dont need counterbuilding build deaths dance or Guardians)
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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you should be getting skaarl back after 4 hits of your W and a point blank Q anyways not to mention youll be pretty squishie with this build even with kleds built in tankiness

kled is my second most played champion and honestly you only need black cleaver and titanic hydra for damage items (deaths dance if youre fed or need more damage on your team) then go tank items after that, due to kleds passive and high AD ratios on his %max hp damage he scales better with resistances and health and AD than he does with attack speed which he already gets a lot of from his W, the only time he would really need attack speed, plus you use your titanic hydra active for the AA reset on the fourth hit of your W to get it faster so you get mounted on skaarl faster
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