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Rin, The shadow dancer

Creator: ReXer December 26, 2012 4:00am
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Dec 26th, 2012
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LORE: within the depths of hell... a Legend is born.. RIN THE SHADOW DANCER. Beyond the shadows lies an evil horde Known as the Seliktron . Eager to take over valoran. Not even the might of demacia could stop this relentless force.
Even noxus cowers in fear as the shadows role in.. Rin's father expected much from young little rin so he trained him in the ways of battle. As rin hit 18 yrs old.. he was set into the wild for the ultimate test.. SURVIVAL. rin would be cast out of the shadows therefore being revealed to the outside world... rin needs to fend off himslef if he ever wants to be a great warrior... ( Possible construction)
Rin is a Support/fighter/AD

Quote upon selection:Hold on.. let me get my groove on
When moving: You're the boss../Yeh i can do that/*sigh* fine
when attacking: Hell Yeah!.../Man this is good./and 1 and 2 and 3
Killing an enemy: What?.he looked at me funny/oh no.. i got blood on my gloves/Dead./Almost got me.hint of sarcasim?./ill be waiting for round 2
Death quote: Shadows are reborn/until i next return./I was going easy *cough*

Possible Skins: Dark Lord Rin,Penta Kill Rin ( possibly on the triangle),Void demon Rin.

Q:Cunning blow
Rin Strikes his opponent swiftly silencing them for 2.5 seconds
Deals 60/80/100/110/130 Attack damage. 10/8/7/5/5 CD timer
60/60/60/50/40 mana cost

W:Consumed by shadows
Rin Warps into a shadow increasing his movement speed by 100% (lasts 5 seonds)
on impact stuns and damages surrounding enemies. Deals 50/70/70/120/180 Physical damage.
20/18/15/12/10 CD timer 70/70/60/50/45 Mana Cost

E: Shadow dash
Rin dashes towards a location damaging enemies as well as healing and placing a shield around allies.
Deals 70/80/90/90/100 Physical damage
10/10/10/9/8 CD timer 50/50/40/40/35 Mana cost

R: Unleashed Torment
Rin shoots a large shadow bolt at a location damaging all sarounding enemies
aswell as a consecutive DOT that lasts 10 seconds
Deals 200/250/400 Magic damage (Dot deals 120/150/180 damage over 10 seconds)
175/200/200 Mana cost 90/75/68.5 CD timer

Passive: Unforgoton Hate
Every 9th attack rin heals all sorounding allies for 10% of their total HP (may need a nerf)

Champion idea made by ReXer League of legends name is Leboss1 i am on north america.. i would like to thank you for viewing my champion idea pls do leave some tips and guides for future upgrades. and please only write positive comments

Champion: Rin The Shadow Dancer

Description: Rin has Large spikey hair with red eyes.. on rins left eye there is a war scar from when he was young. he has a long black cape with spikey boots. Rin also has to larges axes that he could vanquish enemies with. he has a black bandit mask on with leather gauntlets,he has a plate chest piece
with a large r on it written in cool font. ( may need some editing for english corrections.)
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Dec 14th, 2012
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this may be a problem, or its just what u wanted :P but ur q, the cd is 10/8/7/5/5? i think it should be 4 :P
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Sep 3rd, 2012
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^ No, because you'll notice the mana cost as well. It doesn't have to change each level, if the champion creator likes it that way. Oh, passive might need to be nerfed, maybe to 5%? Also, any Champion Ideas have the mistake of not adding how much AP/AD goes into each ability. Doesn't really give you the whole damage output of the champion :/

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Dec 28th, 2012
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Dont u think the 10% heal on the passive is a little to much? XD
Other then dat his a pretty nice support, almost seems like a man version of Leona imo. :D

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