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Season Four Jungle Routes Thread

Creator: DillButt64 November 21, 2013 12:26pm
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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so what jungle routes are going to be good? im thinking starting the buff where your bot lane is and smiting it, then doing a small camp like wolves or wraiths and then the next buff and smite should be up by then, and you should also hit level 3 after buff+small+buff

any other ideas on how we should be doing jungle routes now?
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Lord Kesharq
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May 17th, 2013
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Well atm iv been forgetting about the new jungle monsters pretty much 90% of the time...been letting my ADC/support take the bot one and my top laner the top one as extra for them.
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Mar 27th, 2013
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How I'm doing it:

Bot lane buff. Smite. 1 Health pot
First camp I come across. 1 Health pot
Top lane buff. Smite. 1 Health pot

Gank or farm depending on lanes.
Get to lvl 5 at least before the 6:30 mark.
Back, get Spirit stone + Kindlegem + ward.
Get back to first buff just as it spawns.
Ding lvl 6 if you haven't already.
Do camp.
Do second buff.
Get Spirit of the Ancient Golem.
Get a camp each time the stacks reach 40+.
Never ever let it go to 80.

Just as the lanes have their focus on farming, so should the jungler.
It's 1 camp a minute, which is easily done when roaming from one lane to another.
You have no idea how much it helps when you manage your stacks properly.

I also hate it when lanes 'steal' camps.
Sure lanes should get gold, but at the cost of putting your jungler behind? I'm not a big fan of that.
Backing just after a gank, only to find you lack 100G for that next item, it really hurts when you have to go back into the game without that item. You can now either back again to get that item, removing you from the game once more, or you can farm longer to get the full upgrade, but all the while you're more vulnerable.
That camp is 40-ish gold for the ADC, but it's 80-ish gold for you.....

As a jungler you often fullfill a tanking/initiator role. If you're squishy as hell, it ain't gonna help much even if your lanes are strong. If you die in 2 secs flat, your carries will die soon after.

Solo'ing dragon with the new smite at early levels is hard.
Like really hard, so take care to ward properly and always have a way out/back-up.

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