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Singed Bruiser theory craft build

Creator: Jmfmb February 20, 2015 10:19pm
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Feb 20th, 2015
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Hey first post
My pc pooped out so I have been theory crafting with my main in my head and I though I could share.

I have had some success with jungle singed which can be fun to play around if team is cool about it. I have been considering a mana build, I know people say it's not best but I wander how it could work out in jungle.
Any how here is how I see it:
9/21/0 or 0/21/9 really just preference
Runes you want hybrid reds and armor flat or per level yellow and MR flat or per level.
I would get ap quints for early dmg but I guess armor or movement speed could work, even gp5.
Not much is changed from basic singed build here and the masteries are obvious I hope.

Mainly I feel like big change here is items.
Sounds weird but I want to try out both tear upgrades Seraphs embrace and Muramana...
From here a lot is up in air and to be honest I know it's a slow pricey start.

Here are other items I am considering:

Rod of Ages still has great stats that help the items

Stalker's Blade: Defender because you have to get smite (sometimes I get trailblazer if I don't think I will have a gank opportunity, something all junglers should know is you can exchange trailblazer for I different smite item for free before you enchant)
Anyhow Stalkers blade feels like a mini ghost boost for when it's down and a small CC which is nice for ults, defender enchant means you get tough hp and tenacity.

Iceborn Gauntlets has useful stats and would make muramana burst even more useful plus slow...

Frozen Heart gives a nice aura and more useful stats

Randuin's Omen may still be better then FH since at this point mana may be a wasted stat with double tear and RoA, this may even be better option then even bothering with IG.
Singed will be tanky Vs Ad with this item and health you are getting from required core items.

Merc treads seem less powerful because of defender enchant
MR still needed Banshees and Spirit Visage most viable options..

My final thoughts are that this build it know would be a pain to get use to but I feel pretty confident in my ability with Singed and if you choose to Singed Jung from time to time you know that masteries and runes are pretty much the same so if you decided to build Rylai's and Liandry's instead after you build Stalker's blade it's no big deal.

Depending on enemy team though I do feel like Singed Ganks with Ult and Stalker Smites to gap close and Seraph shield to keep safe sounds nice, topped off with burst with Muramana in right games with maybe a possible Iceborn proc could be high burst and just seems like it could have decent potential.

Anyhow I can't really try it until I replace my pc :(
Just kicked the bucket.

Any thoughts I can't be only singed main that's been dabbling in the jungle.
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Nov 7th, 2014
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Seems mostly like a tank Singed, which is a thing already. I saw bruiser and almost imagined Vi/Wukong. Iceborne's the only thing that seems out of the ordinary, but I wouldn't say it's a bad item.
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Apr 27th, 2011
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Iceborn Gauntlet is only a good item on Singed if you can peform an auto-attack mid fling.

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