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Stark's Fervor on support units

Creator: Trojan995 December 22, 2010 9:41am
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Oct 4th, 2010
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Recently I've been playing a lot of Sona. Basically what I do is I get an archangel's staff for some decent AP, then I stack aura items. I always get soul shroud and aegis of the legion, but there's a few other aura items that seem like they'd be great. Starks Fervor is the first, with increase AS, lifesteal, and health regen aura, this item seems made for a support unit. Will of the ancients looks like a good one too, giving AP and spell vamp to nearby champions. Two items that I'm shaky on being useful for support is Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart. Frozen Heart has an aura that reduces enemy attack speed, but it seems like it costs too much to be of any worth. Randuin's Omen has an AoE slow that could help greatly in a team fight, but again it seems a little too costly to be of any worth.

In summary, my question is: which of these aura items are worth it to grab on a support champion, and which ones should be forsaken for AP items (to increase healing/shielding on Sona/Taric/Janna/Morgana)?
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Jun 14th, 2010
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Really depends which champion. If you're playing Sona/Taric/Janna/Morgana and you're on a team with full AD champs, your team composition is terrible and at least one of the have probably snagged the stark's fervor anyways. Just get the auras your team can benefit with.

Team comp = Sona, Trundle, Yi, Annie, Shen

Well, that's quite the mix. No matter what, Aegis of the Legion and Soul Shroud will always help, although Shen may be the one getting Aegis of the Legion. Soul Shroud you can get, it will help sona with cooldowns and mana regen, not to mention making her a bit more bulky.

This is all just speculation. If you have more physical attackers like

Sion, Sona, Yi, MF, and Annie

It's cool to get both a Stark's and Will of the Ancients because Annie, Sion, and Sona benefit from AP, while Yi, Sion, and MF benefit from lifesteal and attack speed.

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