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February 3, 2013 5:36am
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I've been playing LOL for a little while now, my lvl is in the early 20s and ive perfected my build with my character of choice Sion. My question is for a good but not allstar player of Sion when i play online what role should I take and what lane etc. Mobafire reccomends that Sion is a solo top or jungler. I find trying to solo very difficult, and jungleing isnt real bad i just want to make sure that im doing what i should be to support my team. Any advice is much appreciated!
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Well, there's also AP Sion mid/top (and I've seen it jungle too I guess). But yeah, solotop/jungle is ad sion's place - if he has any - on Summoner's Rift.
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He is really a niche pick for 5s. He has no escapes besides his stun, which only effects one person. He gets beaten out by alot of people in a straight 1v1 before he hits 6, and after 6 any solid CC and/or ignite shuts him down. Now if you wanted to play 3s, he is pretty strong there.
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