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Syhrakin, the Dragon of Calm

Creator: JessesanMan July 7, 2013 12:33am
Want to see this guy up in the League for real?
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Apr 4th, 2013
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Cool thing about Shyvana: you get to be a dragon! Bad part: it's for a very short time. You can't really enjoy it. It's change and destroy, or change and run for it. Well I for one would like to be able to be a dragon in LoL for extended amounts of time. But seeing as repeating something is distasteful, I made something completely different. Well not completely, but more different from Shyvana than Kha'Zix is to Rengar.

Syhrakin, the Dragon of Calm

As Shyvana has demonstrated in her time at the league, a dragon’s rage is very formidable, even in a half-way state. But Syhrakin, a full-blooded dragon, has taken a different path.
Since his time as a hatchling, Syhrakin has dealt with the fiery rage of being a dragon burning inside him, but as he grew older, he learned to find other ways to power. After his fledging, Syhrakin sought out magicians to teach him the ways of human and yordle magics, but none of them could give him what he desired. After a time, he came across a group of monks meditating. He thought it odd and strange that they would appear so calm, but then witnessed them sparring. Their moves were unfaltered and graceful, near perfection. This was the power that he sought; control.
Using magic taught to him, he changed to human form and attempted to convince them to teach him, but many of them felt his inner rage. When it seemed none would accept him, a blind monk came forward and touched his shoulder. It was this one who agreed to show him the way.
After many years spent learning the ways of the monks, Syhrakin gave them his gratitude and went on his way, feeling no more rage within him, he calmly changed back to his true form and flew away with the notion of bringing peace to the whole world.

Passive: Calm heart.
Syhrakin’s abilities uses tranquility. Each time a spell other than Imbued Flames is cast, he uses bars of tranquility. Tranquility stacks over time up to ten bars plus one every two levels and three at level 18 (maxing at 20). It takes 12 seconds for a bar of tranquility to fill.

Q: Imbued Flames.
Passive: Syhrakin gathers flames into his chest over time at all times, stacking up to 3.
Active: Syhrakin spews his flames forward, dealing magic damage in a straight line that decreases with each unit it hits.
Dragon Form: Syhrakin empties his lungs, spewing flames in all directions in front of him, dealing magic damage that does not decrease. The damage done is based on how many stacks of imbued flames Syhrakin emptied.

W: Straight-legged Kick.
Active: Costs 2 tranquilities (both forms). Syhrakin kicks forward, knocking the enemy back a short distance, stunning, and damaging them based on ability power. If they enemy is killed, the cooldown is half reset and 1 bar is regained.
Dragon form: Syhrakin charges and rams the enemy with his horns, damaging them and any other enemies behind them by half as much. The target is stunned and others are slowed.

E: Flurry of Spells.
Passive: Tranquility and others cooldowns are reduced by 20% when standing still.
Active: Costs 3 tranquilities (both forms). Syhrakin channels his magic in front of him, dealing magic damage and reducing magic resistance of enemies over 5 seconds. The longer the enemy is hit, the more mr is reduced. The effect lasts for 3 seconds after the spells ends.
Dragon Form: Syhrakin launches a far-reaching beam in front of him, damaging enemies and catching them alight for 3 seconds, making them visible even from afar. (Gives true sight of afflicted enemies.) Magic resistance is reduced for those hit in the part of the beam closest to him.

R: Dragon Form. Available at lvl 1.
Active: Syhrakin changes into his true form, but cannot recharge tranquility and loses 1 tranquility for each second spent in Dragon Form. There is an extremely short cooldown for changing between forms. While in dragon form, resistances are increased, as is attack damage and lifesteal. Bonus resistances are halved when Tranquility empties, but attack damage and lifesteal increases more.

I didn’t want to bother with too many numbers but this should give a pretty solid idea of what he’s all about.
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Apr 6th, 2013
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I like it, the concept is not new, this champion combines many existing mechanics and I like it :)
I believe he will become a very passive top lane, his mechanism makes him a "slow" champion probably with power spikes at level 9. Maybe add some minor sustain, perhaps dragon form can add hp per hit?

Is his dragon form available right away like Spider Form? Or is it from level 6 like cougar form?
- special thanks to VirusNG1, LaCorpse
Thalia Kael
<Inhouse Addict>
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Dec 5th, 2011
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His dragon form needs to add some kind of stat while in it like Jayce, Elise and Nidalee
Thanks to FatelBlade, JEFFY40HANDS, Nyoike, TheNamelessBard, GrandmasterD, aviseras and koksei for the awesome signatures
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Apr 25th, 2012
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Innate: Calm Heart
* Question: Does your W & E use up Tranquility even in Dragon Form?

Q: Imbued Flames
* Question: Does Syhrakin still gather flames while in Dragon Form?
* Question: Since Syhrakin empties his lungs when casting this in Dragon Form, does the damage increase depending on how many flames he gathered?

W: Straight-legged Kick
* AOE CC to OP for a basic ability, try slows.

E: Flurry of Spells
* Only Issue is the damage it deals. Too stronk, and even Soraka's banana will cry.

R: Dragon Form
* Question: Same as the people above me, there needs to be different bonuses in human & dragon forms.

Gold II, somebody's something.
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Apr 4th, 2013
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1. Yes, they do use Tranquility in both forms. Both have bonus effects with dragon form and also some extra damage. The cost of using the dragon form is the drain on Tranquility, so it has be used wisely.

2. a. He's always gathering flames, even in dragon form. Why wouldn't he?
b. I would like to think so. Say, having only one flame would do only 5% more damage than normal, but all three would do the 25% more damage than the power of three combined.

3. Yeah, I guess so. Stun the one hit, slow the ones hit by the stunned one. Will change that.

4. It's a sort of straight shot with a higher cd. Think of Lux's ult, but not as OP.

5. I guess I will add in some bonuses there.

Edit: donezo
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Apr 30th, 2012
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Aren't Riot already introducing an Eastern style Dragon champion?
Nera's Forum Avatar
Mar 22nd, 2013
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they are. he's called ao shin or something or other. he was presented a few weeks before jinx came out. He was still in the making and so we havent heard anything of him again.Im assuming he will be out either next champ after jinx or the next one after that. we will see:)
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Apr 7th, 2013
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I am not sure if I missed out on something, but if you fill 1 (of 20) Tranquility bar every 12 seconds, this means that you can cast your W once every 24, your E once every 36 seconds, and 1 Tranquility used for every second in Dragon form wouldn't actually be what you called being a dragon for expanded periods of time.
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Yeah, you could remain a dragon forever, but would ONLY be able to use Q.
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