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Take down the machine, a passive resistance champ.

Creator: Biodt
March 18, 2012 10:27pm
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I think it would be brilliant fun to have a champ that did no damage to other champs or minions. Don't stop reading, I mean it.

This is the Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa of champions. They did great things int eh real world. Probably a good story line for the LoL world as well, Gandhi fought a revolution with marches and strikes etc, the Leaque is supposed to be an alternative to wars and some wars are fought with non-violence. I think there could be a great character story here.

This Character would convert opposing team minions and create a march on the nearest Turret to take it down.

Help me think through the abilities

Passive: is Turn the other Cheek, attackers have their attack speed reduced (or perhaps partial damage bounce back) with every hit on this champ

Q is Conversion, takes an enemy minion and has it switch teams, upgrade includes cannons, again super minions. (perhaps neutral monstors a fourth upgrade. Stone Golem bashing at a tower, how cool is that?!
W is a heal spell, can we do a cooler heal spell?
E is the Rally Cry, and all allied minions no longer attack other minions or champs but go directly to the nearest tower to take down the machine. Perhaps with extra armor added or the Champ's passive.
R is Rebellion, a mass effect version of Q with some percentage of nearby minions switching

This Champs basic attack would only do damage to turrets, inhibitors and the nexus, (perhaps mechanical pets) on minions and champs it could have a slowing effect, or a negative AD or AP impact.

There are other things that may or may not be included in this champ, buffs for nearby player in health or manna, perhaps an ability that creates a safe harbor for a number of seconds so allies can heal up, kinda like taking refuge in a church. I know there are other cool non damage based things that can happen in the game, I would love to see a really exciting champ that had totally avoided damaging other players.

A challenge for you champion designers, one that I think will produce a unique champion that broadens the scope of the game a bit while still staying in context.

I tend to focus on taking down turrets when I play any character, and it works well with Heimerdinger. I think it would be cool to have a character you were afraid of, not because he can hurt you, or he is impossible to kill, but because he is so good at removing your hardware and causing your own minions to rebel to do it. This champ could really add to a team in a unique way. And Yes I was raised by hippies, but you don't have to be to appreciate expanding the range of possibility for LoL champs.

Any interest in thinking through this kind of champ?
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A champion that does no damage? Good luck getting people to like that. I mean, I focus on towers too, but if an enemy comes up to me, I need to be able to throw down, at least a little.

I like the idea of a challenge in this fashion, but there are very people that will, I assure you.
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I bet with 80 damage doing champs and one not there would be a sufficient minority that would be into it.

We would need a way to make this champ useful in a team fight, I am thinking if the basic attack had sufficient attack speed slowing effect and it was a percent of max effect, so if you get enough hits in you can actually stop the enemy champ cold. Say 10% of max per hit. Perhaps it would effect enemy cooldowns as well.

You get jumped by that enemy champ and start a slugging match you slow he hurts you slow he hurts, you heal, he hurts you slow, you slow again because he is slow enough now that he cant get one hit in for each of yours, then he hits etc. Could be very aggravating as the enemy champ to have to flee the battle with full hit points but no ability to attack. or if you have allies around for them to pick him off without recourse.

If this attack speed reduction lasted long enough enemy champs would think twice about tangling with you. Imagine Yi with a full minute of reduced or eliminated attack speed, almost as good as being dead.

Or what if you get em to zero and they turn into a pillar of salt, Lot's wife style, They need to re spawn but the pillar stays there reducing the attack speed of enemies until it is destroyed. the pillar has the same HP as the champ did when converted.

Get an ally to slow and suppress the enemy champ and you could create a series of pillars around the game board.

I think part of the design challenge is to create an ability to be as annoying to enemy champs as taking damage but without.
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