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the range catalist - champion idea

Creator: Sporner December 14, 2013 3:09am
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Dec 4th, 2013
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when im bored i sometimes draw a beeing with a similar design to xerath, just with more focus on the lower arms and claws and a head shaped like the halve moon (or kabutops head, if anyone remembers this pokemon^^). so i decided to give that thing some abilities and make a what i think quite interesting champion from it.
ill call him X till i or someone else comes up with a good name

when in range of a friendly ranged champion or minion, X extends the range of that champions/minions basic attacks as if the attack was fired from X's position. attacks that use this range extent have a slight time delay as they first travel towards X before they travel to the enemy.

X taunts an enemy meele fighter to attack X. the effect depleats after the first hit, or after two seconds.

Passive: X gains 1/2/4/8 percent of his missing mana each time his PASSIVE is put to use.
Aktive: X casts shield upon an ally (or himself) that causes 30/40/50 percent of the incoming damage to drain X's mana instead of damaging the target. the shield vanishes when the ally gets out of X's cast range for this spell, when X's mana reaches zero, or after 6 seconds.

X rootes himself for up to three seconds, chaining an enemy champion to him, that while cained, can't leave X's range.
can be reactivated while rooted or while beeing immobilized. when reactivated/ aktivated while immobilized (not stunned) X flashes a short distance towards the cursor, taking chained enemies with him.

Passive: X's PASSIVE also applies for friendly ranged abilities.
Aktive: X creates a field of gravity around him causing all enemies in range to recieve an one time movement command towards his position. also, all enemy movement towards him is highly increased and all movement away from him is slightly slowed for three seconds. the slow and movement increase depends on wether the enemy travels directly towards/away from him or not.

i was planning on giving him a meele magic auto attack and making him a bit tanky.

help with the stats would be nice, too.
your Opinions?
Sporner's Forum Avatar
Dec 4th, 2013
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Some additions:

- i guess this guy will classifie as a tanky support

- the whole design should is put up to help your marksmen to stay out of the enemies range, saving them from assasins should be your main priority

- ranged attacks/ abilities that make use of X's PASSIVE can change direction when passing through X, which should make some interesting combos with abilities that leave a trail.

- being in a good position for your marksmen will propably be of greater importance than actual engagement in battle

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