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Ugandan Knuckles - Warrior of da Whey

Creator: Ryumanyamana January 9, 2018 7:58pm
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Jun 2nd, 2013
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Attack range: 500

Passive - Do you know da Whey?: Whenever Knuckles gets within 300 range of an enemy champion, he will ask them if they know the Whey. This applies a 3 second debuff, lowering their armor and magic resistance by 50% from the shear annoyance they experience.

Q - Spit on the nonbeliever! - He hurls a wad of saliva in a line, dealing a flat amount of damage plus 5% of the enemy's maximum health. Low cooldown, moderate damage

W - GO MY BRUDDAHS! - The knuckles summons another knuckles with a Ugandan flag on his back. This knuckles has a slow speed of 350 but lingers in existence for 6 seconds. Anything coming on contact with the Ugandan flag bruddah gets stunned for .3 seconds. Moderate cooldown, high damage

E - I will nevah freeze - This removes all debuffs as Ugandan Knuckles announces that he will never freeze.

R - Everybody in Uganda Knows Kung-fu - This ability reduces the cooldown of his W down to .5 seconds for a duration of 12 seconds. All of the flag bruddahs deal increased damage and move faster.

Taunt - Ugandan Knuckles shows the enemy da Whey

Joke - Ugandan Knuckles asks the player if they know da Whey

Dance - Ugandan Knuckles performs his war chant clucks

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