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Vex Ult from Base to Base to Base to Base to...

Creator: Hunefer September 20, 2021 7:05am
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Sep 20th, 2021
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After Vandiril has dashed from base to base four times with the Vex Ult (using TP and Baron recall), I tried to get a bit further. I took Ekko as Ult target, who can use his own Ult besides TP and Baron recall:

The dash of Vex is getting faster and faster, I think it will be difficult to pull her further, or do you think with full movement speed Quinn or other ideas you can get further?
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Apr 27th, 2021
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A ryze ult can be added, as well as a second one with sylas + an enemy ryze (blind pick required).

You could also add a yuumi that can speed boost the quinn occassionally (if you go the quinn route) as well as a zilean that speeds quinn up whenever she passes by (I imagine the quinn will doing circles on the map.
Wind zone could also help with movement speed, as well as wind soul + movement speed items.
AP Shyvana is perfectly balanced, and super fun to play against!

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