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Victoria - the Equalist

Creator: HarleyKill October 9, 2019 9:48pm
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Oct 9th, 2019
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Name: Victoria Jane
Age: 23
Origin: Piltover
Species: Human

Attack type: Range, Physical
Role: Marksman / Support
Weapon: HexTech Bow n Arrow

Victoria is a skilled archer who utilises her expertise in technology to help her in battle. She strives to show the world, and her father, that they shouldn't be so reliant on Magic.

Passive: Patience
Victoria's basic attack damage is reduced.
Victoria’s bow charges energy over time from 1% to 100% while also gaining bonus range. Basic attacks consume the charge and deal bonus true damage. The bonus damage is equal to the percentage of energy multiplied by her auto attack damage. Attack speed increase charge speed
Attack range = Initial Attack range * percentage of charge
Bonus Damage = Initial auto attack damage * percentage of charge
Charge Speed > Attack Speed

NOTE: Charge speed should not be faster than attack speed. It should be like AA then wait then AA again at 100%. Not stand there and AA with 100% charge

Q: Static Feel
Victoria throws a Basis device that damages and applies a decaying slow to the first target hit. Enemies too close to the target will instead receive a weaker slow and take reduced damage. If no target was hit by this ability, the Basis instead becomes a trap on the ground, damaging, silencing and slowing those who walk through. Enemies who dash or are pushed/pulled through the Basis are immediately stopped and stunned in the middle of it. Standing in a Basis automatically charges Victoria’s arrow to 100%, even if it wasn’t 100% charged on her bow.

W: Surveillance
Victoria shoots an arrow attached to a camera that collides with the first wall hit. The camera gives vision in semi-circle around. It cannot give vision to the opposite side of the wall. The camera will go red if an enemy champion is inside, even if they are invisible.

E: Zip
Victoria’s Basis shoots out a grappling cord that collide and damages the first enemy hit. The target is then pulled towards and into the Basis. If Victoria or the target dashes or is immobilised the cord immediately breaks (only occurs after hooked). Victoria can aim at herself or an ally champion to pull them instead however the same rules apply. Requires an available Basis to be activated.

R: Electro Magnetic Current
Victoria fires a super arrow that flies into the sky before splitting into 8 smaller arrows and landing on the ground to form an octagon. The arrows then connect with an electrical current that triggers the same effect as a Basis (silence, stuns those who dash or are pulled/pushed, damage, slow, automatic charge). If a Basis is inside the octagon, it will connect itself with the same electrical current to all 8 arrows.

Grants attack range and bonus on-hit true damage

First hit skillshot
Procs passive

First wall hit skillshot

First hit skillshot
Hard CC
Requires Q

Procs passive
Triggers Q effects
Feb 24th, 2023
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep March 11, 2023 7:42pm | Report
To clarify, it sounds like Victoria's E is fired from her Q trap. E.g. is based on the trap's location for its range. I would presume this only works if Victoria is within a certain large, but limited range of the trap. Otherwise she could recall or teleport and still E enemies while across the map, provided she has good map awareness.

Reading the ult, if I understand correctly, it sounds the 8 arrows land in a circle (or octagon) around her, and the basis effect is triggered upon enemies walking into the current that connects them. When I first read it, I thought it affected the whole area, but I think it's actually more of a cage. If there's a trap inside it, however, that changes. A line goes from that trap to each of those 8 different points on the octagon. That is essentially very difficult for enemies in the area to avoid, so practically speaking any movement would trigger this effect. That's not a problem necessarily, it just means it's heavily encouraged for Victoria to ult while standing on, or near, a trap. That might not actually be too easy to set up in a teamfight, so it might not be as bad of a balance issue.

I notice that her passive appears to reduce Victoria's base attack damage by a percentage. That's not necessarily a problem, as it appears to be a component of the fairly strong (double) damage bonus gained by waiting between attacks. Personally I'm leery of granting true damage on a passive like this. I'd recommend physical or magic damage for the passive specifically.

As a matter of taste, personally, I think this kit is a bit complicated. This is partly because of my preference for simpler kits in general. The Q is a skillshot slow that can also function as a trap. The W is fine actually, it's a vision spell. We don't see too many of those. The E is similar to a Blitzcrank pull, except fired from the trap, which will silence and slow them when they are pulled to it. The ultimate is a large aoe silence/slow, which becomes much stronger when used while on a trap.

Also, in regards to the traps. It sounds like her attacks are 100% charged at all times if standing on it. This removes the time limitation on her passive true damage. Personally I'm a little leery of this as well.

Thank you for your time, all criticism is intended to be constructive.

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