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Vozniak, the lightning vengance.

Creator: DJcivik October 23, 2012 8:33am
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Dec 13th, 2011
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So, I had this concept of a electricity AP carry / assassin.

Lore: (this is a short version that quickly summarizes all of it.) When xerath was imprisoned by the Shurima mages they knew that his raw power form would eventually free him from his sarcophagus and he would once again bring destruction upon the land. They chose Vozniak, a member of the grand council of mages to see to that Xerath was defeated after his release. To be able to defeat Xerath they gave Vozniak one of xerath's experiments, and orb which contained vast amounts of raw power. He then put himself into a sleep that would last until the seal on xerath's sarcophagus had left his tomb (the one on his chest). The raw energy disappeared into vozniak over the centuries and kept hims alive and well so that he could wake and fight Xerath when he escaped. Now he has lead himself to the league to end xerath's path of destruction.

Passive, Soul conductor: Vozniak uses his orb to store the power of enemies slain, granting Shock bolt extra damage and Hypercharge gains extra armor and MR.

[Q] Shock bolt: Voznaik fires a bigger bolt from his orb dealing damage to a target and marking it with electrified. Any other attacks will consume the electrified stack and will stun them for a short duration.

[W] Hypercharge: Vozniak charges himself with power from his orb allowing him to teleport to a target affected with electrified, if the teleport succeeds he gains bonus armor and MR.

[E] Electro-pulse: Vozniak sends out a electrical discharge in a circle around him, dealing damage to targets within a certain radius. Targets further away from Vozniak take more damage.

[R] Overload: Vozniak overloads his orb and himself and gains bonus ability power and cooldown reduction. In addition he conducts electrical discharges that seek out enemy champions and damages them while they are in a certain range of him.

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