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Waldo the toy maker

Creator: Theywholive February 11, 2013 6:27pm
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Feb 11th, 2013
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Lore. Waldo was born in the city of Noxus. Unlike most noxians Waldo was not interested in war or violence. Growing up all Waldo wanted to do was sit and play with his toys. Around the age of 12 people began to notice that Waldo was an excellent innovator. Waldo would redesign his toys into incredible and unique objects.Waldo moved to bandle city and opened a small shop to sell his toys to the yordles who were the only people who truly appreciated his craft.As Waldo began to grow old he realized he was not ready to die.In desperation he turned to Viktor a scientist who managed to lengthen his life by replacing his human body parts with robotics ones. Viktor was pleased to have a test experiment Waldo however had one request he wanted Viktor to only replace his body with toys of his own making, Viktor was more than happy to oblige. Upon awaking from the long surgery Waldo felt physically refreshed he is now partnered with Viktor to continue his glorious evolution.

What may seem fun and childish has destructive power beyond human thought. Waldo.


Health: 450 (+75)

Health Regen: 5(+0.76)

Mana: 600(+50)

Mana Regen: 7.5(+0.75)


Attack Damage:45(+3.75)

Attack Speed:0.764(+0.65


Magic resist:12.7(+0)

Movement Speed:433


(passive) Toymaker`s Secret: Waldo increases his next attacks damage every 3 attacks

(Q) Demonic train-Range 400- Cooldown 7- Cost 40\50\60\75\100 Mana
Waldo sends a train towards a target location dealing moderate damage and hitting multiple enemys stuns each enemy hit.

(W)Piercing jack-Range 350-cooldown 12\9\7\4\1-Cost 20\30\40\50\100 Mana
Waldo lays a jack down on the ground dealing dmage to the first enemy champion to step on it and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

(E) Building block-Range 450-cooldown 12\14\17\19\23-Cost 25\15\10\2.5\1 Mana
Waldo flings an oversized building block towards the cursor dealing moderate damage to nearby enemies and becoming impassable terrain.(the block is about the size of trundles pillar)

(R) Tinker toys-Range 100-Cooldown 250-Cost 150\150\150\150\150
Waldo spawns an army of tinker toys to attack a targeted enemie for a few seconds(spawns 5 toys each does 20% of the damage waldo does to the enemy for a few seconds)
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Sep 3rd, 2012
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Hm, seems like a cool champion ^_^

The E range seems a bit long, you could probably toss it over a wall O.o
How big is the building block?

Do his abilities go with attack damage or magic damage? Seems like he would be an AD type champion because of his passive...

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