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What's your favorite teamcomp?

Creator: CrsDaylight April 10, 2013 9:44pm
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Apr 10th, 2013
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Picks & Bans

I'm taking a poll with some of my clan mates and I want to test out different comps in ranked.

I myself enjoy:

Top: @Jarvan/Garen I like how Garen has the potiental to be tanky, but both have great damage output. Out of the two I like Jarvan the most but he could be taken. He has great engage and a lot of burst.

Jungle: Hecarim/Chogath I love the CC from Cho's knockup and his silence with his wave, but I love Hecarim's speed and ability to gank lanes easily.

Mid: Orianna because if she puts her ball on Hecarim / Jarvan and they go in she can easily ult them all together going for a TON of damage and also a lot of CC with the knockup. Plus she's a viable laner so the jungler can focus on other lanes.

Support: Lux/Sona The reason I pick Lux is because early game she makes ganking very easy with her snare, and once she hits six it almost guaranteeing a kill with her ultimate. I love Sona because as ADC you can go Long Sword and pot which gives you more damage output with Sona's E making you faster. I also love how Sona can heal and her ultimate is INSANE all through the game.

ADC: Miss Fortune/Caitlyn I pick Miss Fortune because with my earlier picks she goes great with them. Jarvan knock up with E Q combo then an ult containing them, Oriana ulting and then MF's ult and her auto for clean up. Early game her Double Up(Q) wreck the other laners. I also picked Caitlyn because her ultimate is great for targeting fleeing enemies or targeting the high-damage-outputter on their team. Her passive is insanely good with crit chance, as well.

All together you can see that this teamcomp probably isn't golden.. which is why I want to hear yours.

Thanks :)
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