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Zander, the Undead Guardian

Creator: ThsTorturedSoul September 10, 2012 3:11am
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Sep 10th, 2012
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:: Info ::

Name: Zander, the Undead Guardian
Origin: Shadow Isles
Role: Melee, Mage, Carry

:: Appearance ::

Zander is an undead guardian, meaning he should look something like a deathknight, but he's a mage, so throw in some cultist-esque styles. I'm thinking he could carry a double scythe, be fairly tall, and wear chainmail under a robe, with a horned helmet. The attached picture is not mine, but would be a perfect idea for Zander's appearance. I've also attached a picture of a double scythe for reference.

:: Abilities ::

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this champion concept, "XX" is used as a placeholder for an amount of damage or duration which has yet to be determined.

Passive: Best Served Cold
Upon death, Zander's lifeforce rushes out in all directions, damaging any enemy caught in the wave for XX.

Looks like... a white-ish blue wave of energy spills out from his body upon death.

Q: Touch of Death
Zander shoots a bolt of concentrated evil energy forward, dealing XX magic damage to the first enemy it hits.

Looks like... a black bolt of lightning coming from his palm.

W: Death March
Zander melts into the ground, reappearing next to his target after a short delay and covered in a crust of earth, shielding him for XX health.

Looks like... a few things. First he crosses his arms over his chest and melts into the ground. Then, he re-emerges from the ground next to his target, covered in dirt, rocks and mud.

In addition, if cast on an enemy and target is feared, they are now snared for XX seconds.

Looks like... a hand of black energy holding the enemy in place by their legs.

E: Foresight
Passive: Zander gains spell vamp based on the number of enemy champions nearby him.

Looks like... nothing. This is a buff.

Active: Zander takes his eyes out and rolls them forward, fearing any enemy they pass through for XX seconds and granting vision in the area they land for XX seconds.

Looks like... he reaches up, takes his eyes out and rolls them on the ground. The two eyeballs roll forward and stop, looking around for their duration, at which point they melt into the ground.

R: Untimely Burial
Zander calls forth a cursed coffin onto his enemy, stunning them, dealing XX magic damage and returning XX% of the damage back to Zander as health.

Looks like... a large black coffin with red lining engulfs the enemy champion and the door slams closed, causing the coffin to explode into splinters.

:: Builds ::

Zander is meant to be built as a defensive minded AP champ, specifically benefiting from such items as Banshee's Veil, Morello's Evil Tome and Abyssal Scepter. His default boots should be Mercury's Treads.

A full caster carry would benefit most from the addition of a Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, Archangel's Staff and Zhonya's Hourglass. Sorcerer's Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity, depending on your need, would compliment this build well.

A melee initiator build would probably want to prioritize Rod of Ages, Randuin's Omen, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade and Lich Bane. Mercury's Treads will work with this build most often, however Ninja Tabi may be better in some games.

I'm sure that other builds and items can be useful in specific situations or against specific champions, but these general builds give Zander great utility in every situation.

:: Conclusion ::

After careful consideration of his abilities, I would like to offer my conceptual champion to the public. I have not included numbers for damage or durations as those are not really what a champion concept is about. I am interested in getting some thoughts on the concept as it stands, so if you read through this and don't mind, please leave a comment below and I'll try to answer you or make any necessary changes. Please give reasons for any disagreements you may have with Zander as he is, otherwise you will be ignored.

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Aug 3rd, 2012
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his W is pretty much like kass's ult but with a shield and a fear which is a bit strong

his passive is a bit like kogs except no true damage but it seems a bit op since its like immediately which would do a good amount of damage specially in team fights since hes melee

his E is a bit op with the fear or the vision and the range for it wouldnt make the vision be any help

his ult is alright if the duration is low

he seems to be a very huge CC based champion i dont know if thats what yer going for because you said hed be tanky and his moves do see like good initiators but he could just be made for AP for how 3/4 spells can be used at a range and then just use the blink shield to escape
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