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24/7 [[Teemo]]. Fun times had by all.

Creator: AncientNecro May 25, 2012 5:17pm
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Nov 22nd, 2011
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I'm just getting back into LoL, and I decided to motivate myself by performing on a stream. So far I've had 4 viewers haha.

It won't really be on 24/7, but whenever I am playing (daily) it will be all Teemo, all of the time :)

Im still fiddling with settings and such, and I turn the camera on/off depending on what is going on in the house. I provide fun commentary (if you like screwed up southern boys), and try to play Teemo as best I can, filling any position that the team requires. While I'm getting warmed up again, it'll be all Normal matches. Then we'll be looking at Low-Elo matches, and hopefully some mid-high elo matches later on :)

It's sure to be interesting, and I don't think there are any advertisements, so come on by and enjoy!

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