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3v5 Epic Winning

Creator: Origiinal September 18, 2011 7:26am
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Sep 18th, 2011
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Ok this is my first thread in these forums and don't really know where these type of threads go so im just going to put this in the general discussion since i guess most general things go here!

Well, here is my first LoL clip its a simple 3v5 Wukong/Kennen/Alistar vs Kat/Garen/Shaco/Malz/Leo the game was actually a 4v5 since one of our teammates (Talon) disconnected from the game and our Kat didn't know how to use her ulti since it was free kat week. But here we go i hope you enjoy. Make sure to subscribe my channel and like the video if in fact you do enjoy the clip, becuase i will be making more ;D

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