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A stream for grinders

Creator: Coach_Unlimited June 13, 2022 7:50am
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Jun 13th, 2022
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Hello all, my league nick is Unlimited and im looking to build a streamer brand.

I've been playing since the first year of the game. Been challenger many times.
Played professionally for 3 years as a support for Copenhagen Wolves and SK gaming.
I had some success and then rerolled to coach and been doing coaching for 5 years. Notable teams are LEC Excel Esports, SK Gaming and many academy teams.
Now i am looking to build my own community, having a place to chill and having people to come and learn anything they want about the game.

I currently am doing some self coaching from plat to challenger and gonna stream the whole thing.
At the end of the streams i pick a random viewer and we do a VOD review together live.

I cant wait to meet anyone who wants to chill with us and give them all the value i can :D
If you are currently trying to push for higher elo and not sure what you are doing wrong,
i believe that this stream is meant for you, especially now that i dont have many viewers and can give more attention to individuals.

Come and say hi, and ask me anything! Can find me in here -->, around this time.

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