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Berzerk Top Lane Videos and stream =D

Creator: Berzerk August 9, 2012 6:52am
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Dec 23rd, 2011
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Hello everyone Berzerk here, I recently pusblished my top lane guide, but it still is missing videos. I get bored very easily so I needed a fun way to get myself to make them. What I ended up deciding was a Stream and a Youtube channel. These 2 resources will be focused EXCLUSIVELY on TOP LANE. If anyone wants to learn top lane I hope you watch and can enjoy =D


On my Youtube channel I post many champion matchups and typically explain mechanics/ countermechanics of a lane and how you should play them.


Stream is currently Offline

There are 3 types of streams

1. General Streaming


1.) I must be top lane (needed for footage)
2.) How I pick my champ will be decided like this: If anyone sends me their TOP LANE guide I will use it on stream. I will make a que with the guides that are sent to me and play them. When there are no guides left in the que I will begin randoming until I get a top lane champion.
If anyone has a top lane guide they want me to use post in the comments.

This will be the streaming I do to get a big champion pool for the viewers.

2. Champion Marathons

Spam pick a single champion top lane for an extended period of time.

3. Berzerk Gameplay

I play whoever I feel like playing top.

Stream is live at:

Come by and check it out if they want some chill top lane games =D

Games Played:(Internet was choppy so It got divided a bunch -.-)

6:20-26:32 Shen

43:13-1:02:40 Riven

1:07:28-End Galio part 1

Start-34:40 galio pt 2

A dced janna game comes after because internet started crashing.

Maokai pt1

Maokai pt 2

Maokai pt 3

Maokai pt 4

Maokai pt 5

Start-5:11 Maokai pt 6

10:54-24:50 Replay watching (Jax and Poppy)

29:00- 45:18 Singed Part 1

Start-13:02 Singed Part 2

17:12-End Graves pt 1

start-29:00 Graves pt 2

34:00-1:06:30 Warwick

Whole Video of Jayce


So If you want to learn top lane, I hope you can check those sources out and tell me what you think =D

Check out my complete guide to top lane here.
Check out my Jayce guide here.

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