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Broforce Gamers Fun Day Monday!

Creator: TheBrostorm February 6, 2012 9:00pm
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Feb 6th, 2012
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The Broforce is a blog website dedicated to the streaming of popular video games of all kinds. We are a group of gamers trying to gather a community of like minded gamers that want to enjoy video games together, despite how far apart we might actually be. It would be a bit asinine of us to try to compete with already established video game websites such as IGN, Joystiq or Kotaku, so we aren’t going to.

All we want to do is host Let’s Play segments where our friends and their friends and their friends and so on can sit and enjoy while chatting with everyone. If you would like to play with whoever happens to be streaming then shoot them a message. You’ll be able to show off your skills in front of dozens, if not potentially hundreds of viewers.

Today we are starting our first weekly Fun Day Monday where we use odd rules and restrictions to make the game challenging and fun. Every Monday at 9pm we will be doing a livestream featuring this. Anyone is welcome to jump into the custom game or make a custom game and record it. The best plays will be compiled into a reel and uploaded onto our livestream and youtube channels! So come out and have some fun with us tonight!

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