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BushDivers League Of Legends Audio Stream

Creator: Fantasmagore July 15, 2012 3:54pm
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Jul 15th, 2012
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Myself and a group of friends are trying to put together a new type of League of Legends show. Instead of using a stream we will be using a podcast of sorts.This lets you be able to listen LIVE on any major mp3 player, like foobar, winamp, and vlc, just to name a few.These shows will only be in 1 hour formats, could in time be longer but at this point we don't want to bore people.

We have been playing league since beta days and feel like we know a good amount of info about this game, we may not be the best but we are not here to be the best we are here to give you the fans a good show to listen to. I can promise you one thing, we will be raw and truthful. We will tell it how it is and we do not care, if you dont like what we are saying join IRC and say it if you have a good argument we will let you call the show and have at it.

We have tons of plans to go with this show but first we need one thing which are listeners! One thing we will do is let players call in(if you are 2100 rated elo player and want to be on the show please send me a PM!NA), we will try to get some up and coming pro players/teams to come on and be a guest and you can call in and ask questions, we will screen all callers before hand. We plan on doing some tourneys such as 1v1 and some 3v3s and Dominion. We wont be doing 5s for obvious reasons. As well as giving away lots of RP.

go to this link for our upcoming contest/giveaway!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you all Friday.

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