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Button Mashers giving our Riot Points Monday...

Creator: WalmanP May 6, 2012 7:03pm
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May 6th, 2012
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Hey guys,
Myself and a few friends have been turning our livestreams on into a regular thing, and every Monday night we have a live podcast. Tomorrow, May 7th, we have a few prizes to give away, including Riot Points!

It's really simple to enter to win, a video explaining how is at THIS VIDEO. All you have to do is go to my friend Gravemaker's twitch page HERE and follow him, and then after you're following him send him a message letting him know that you're following him. (more chances to win if you also follow his YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK and let him know that too!) Then you just watch our podcast Monday night live on his Twitch channel. We usually start between 8 or 9pm EST.

During the podcast we'll pick a number using of a Random Number Generator to choose our winner, but you need to be watching the stream for us to get in contact with you about your prize. So go follow, and tune in tomorrow! We'll post again when we're going live!

Again, the websites are:

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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