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Creator: GhostZer0 January 30, 2015 1:11pm
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Jan 30th, 2015
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How do I get rated as player before going into ranked? I am a Support main that is interested in Solo Que play but am afraid of the things I've experienced recently in solo que. I placed S5 during preseason Qualifiers and couldn't advance out of there. Tried getting duo partners from normals that buried me. They are all mid bronze now. I would go on winning steaks and the losing streaks. I'd carry from mid or JG when I needed to. I'm just afraid of going back in there. It seems when i have my try hard pants on the games always go south. I've been trying to carry games as support getting north of 25 assists, roaming like crazy, solo warding entire maps, getting all lanes fed, and it works in normals. I just want a ratting on my play and advice or encouragement. I'm going to be streaming today nothing special. Please watch and comment if you want to help. Thanks- Ghost

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